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Aerobathon 2010


Some 280 participants took part in the MBI-sponsored Aerobathon 2010 at Stadium Indera Mulia, Ipoh on Sunday, February 28. Contestants were divided into four categories based on their age and were required to do aerobics non-stop for three hours with short breaks in between. Trained aerobic instructors observed their movements. Marks were accorded by a panel of judges who watched from the sidelines. Thirteen winners were picked and they walked away attractive prizes. “There’s a marked increase in the number of contestants this year,” said Ms Jamunarani, the Secretary of the National Fitness and Aerobics Association and adviser to the MBI Sports Club. “The sport is getting the publicity it requires,” she added. The number last year was 130. Jamunarani hoped more would participate next year now that it had made an impact.