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The Golden Boys of SMI 2010


The annual Old Michaelians Association dinner has always seen a full house of ever boisterous ‘boys’. This year was no different except that all 72 tables for the dinner were sold out 2 months in advance.

A possible reason for this early demand was due to the “Vintage Class of 60” who celebrated their golden Anniversary this year (50 years after graduation) and had taken up 13 tables for the dinner.

The organising chairman for the Class of 60, Sivapragasam, also a golden boy, said that preparations for this years celebration started a whole year earlier. As such the attendance was good with almost two thirds of the boys returning from Canada, England and Australia for the occasion. For dinner the golden boys turned up in green T shirts with the words Golden Jubilee Class of 60 emblazoned on the front and back of the shirts.

The next morning the Golden Boys called on their Alma Mater and was given the customary welcome by the school’s Military Band and Prefects from Forms 1 and 2. LaSalle brothers, Dato’ Bro. Vincent Corkery and Bro. Mathew Bay were present for the function which was held at the school hall.

Old boys Lawrence Chai and Francis Fernandez, during their sharing, had many fond memories of the school such as the hall, the air corp (yes there was an air corp), the teachers and about SMI beating Anderson School 9-0 at football. However their sharp memory of the Maori Warrior song which they sang aloud had the other old boys in the hall singing along.

The boys then walked down memory lane, through the corridors of the school. On the wall outside the Michaelian Heritage Gallery was hung a banner with class photos of the boys. All those present then initialed at the bottom of their photographs.

As a verse in the school song goes, “sons of St Michael’s valiant and true” the Class of 60 then donated a sum of RM1,000 each to the Military band, the Chinese Orchestra and the Heritage Gallery.