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Olympia – Where Opportunities Are Boundless…



Students  from Olympia College’s Cyber Club and the Executive Business Club built a haunted house to raise funds and to create some fun and excitement at the college recently. In line with the college’s encouragement of diversity in all activities, students are encouraged to be creative and in this project, visitors who wanted to experience eerie apparitions were taken on a tour of the ‘haunted house’.

Olympia College Ipoh is a name to be reckoned with, having produced many qualified and competent professionals since 1995. Founded to meet the growing need for private higher education in the nation and a member of the renowned Raffles Education Group, the college is recognised as an institution for higher learning not only by the Ministry of Education of Malaysia but also internationally, having strong partnerships with leading universities in the United Kingdom, United States of America, Australia, Switzerland and Canada.

Olympia has a long tradition of welcoming students from all over the world, and is home to a diverse community. Their reputation for embracing diversity has created a strong international profile and a dynamic environment-culturally, socially and academically. It is clear from speaking with Olympia students that they believe studying in an international environment is both enjoyable and contributes to their educational fulfilment.

At Olympia, all programmes are developed systematically to ensure students are equipped with all the knowledge and skills needed to forge a successful career in tertiary education. Olympia students can either study on a full- or part-time basis, depending on individual needs.

The six schools in Olympia Ipoh are: School of Business Studies, School of Hospitality Management, School of Information Technology, School of Accounting, School of English Language and School of Engineering.

Students can enrol at certificate, diploma, degree or post-graduate level. Olympia emphasizes on quality and excellence in their system of learning and training, as a way to adapt to the economic, social and technological changes taking place around the world. The college produces approximately 1,000 graduates each year, graduates who are innovative, have applicable skills and possess leadership qualities that are sought after in the employment market.

The affordable tuition fees and easy payment schemes attract many students from different income groups.  Financial assistance such as PTPTN and scholarships are available for deserving students. 

A student’s experience at Olympia is not wholly academic. While practical knowledge is important, the college also places emphasis on soft skills – leadership, teamwork, management skills, Corporate Social Responsibility and public speaking. This is achieved through extra-curricular activities organized by the college.