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Caring from the Heart, Caring for your Heart


In conjunction with World Heart Day 2012, Pantai Hospital launched its Caring from the Heart, Caring for your Heart programme by organising a Health Camp at Mydin Hypermarket, Meru. Alvin Lee, CEO of Pantai Holdings (Malaysia Operations) said that the activities being carried out will empower individuals’ knowledge to reduce their own risk and that of their family of heart disease and stroke. People can take charge of their heart health by taking steps such as choosing healthy food options and increasing physical activity. It is important to know what action to take if a heart attack occurs in the home, work place or a public area. Pantai Hospital hopes that with better awareness and earlier intervention it will be able to deter, delay or reverse cardiovascular diseases (CVD).

Dato’ Dr Mah Hang Soon, State Exco Member officially launched the programme and said that for more than 40 years CVDs are the leading cause of deaths in the country. The socio-economic impact and disruption to the individuals, families and the nation is staggering. Education, awareness and preventive measures are more relevant today than ever, especially with the younger generation who are sedentary or practice unhealthy lifestyles. He informed that in Perak during 2010 there were 8,433 patients suffering from various heart conditions resulting in 851 deaths. These are only the reported cases and many more go unreported.


Perak Resource Centre for Breast Cancer Patients


The Pink Champion Resource Centre for Breast Cancer Survivors was officially opened by Datin Seri DiRaja Saripah Zulkifli, the wife of the MB by cutting the ribbon with other dignitaries at Pantai Hospital. The centre is set up in collaboration with Pink Champion, Pantai Hospital and Maybank which provided the initial funding.

Pantai Hospital Ipoh - Pink Champion Association PerakDr S. Sumithra, advisor for the Persatuan said that the independent voluntary organisation was formed in 2005 and is a support group comprising of breast cancer survivors, family members and volunteers. The aim of the group is to provide psychosocial support to breast cancer patients before, during and after treatment. They are actively involved in public education on breast self-examination as early detection of breast cancer saves life. They also help patients to get their prostheses after surgery and procure non-medical aids.

With the new centre the group intends to reach out to more breast cancer survivors not only in Ipoh but also places like Manjung, Sungai Siput and other places in Perak. The group wants the people of Perak to know of their services and make use of the centre.

At the moment the group is only known by word of mouth and members are requested to make use of the resources and bring in their friends. Flyers are being produced for distribution.


Pantai Awareness Programme


In conjunction with Pink October, Pantai Hospital Ipoh launched the Think Pink Programme at Cosmopoint College, as part of its community service recently. This year’s approach is to make youths be aware of the dangers of breast cancer and how to detect them.

Chief Operating Officer PHI, Anwar Anis said that the programme was one of the many initiatives taken by the hospital in support of its theme of “Caring from the Heart”.

A photography cum videography contest was held specifically for Cosmopoint students as a run-up to the month-long programme. The first prize of RM800 in the videography division was won by Lay Chia Hong (pic) while Muhammad Nur Shafiq Norman won the photography category of RM700.

Readers wishing to know more about the programme can call Ms Katrina of Pantai Hospital Ipoh at 05-5405719.


Insurance Partners Get Together 2011


Ms Vino Nallaya, CEO Pantai Hospital Ipoh

Pantai Hospital Ipoh’s third insurance get-together saw 380 guests, comprising of insurance agents, representatives of insurance companies and Third Party Administrators as well as consultants from the hospital, attending the event. The evening was held to appreciate the support and cooperation insurance partners had given to the hospital. In her address, Ms Vino Nallaya, Chief Executive Officer said, “We have come a long way as partners in health, bringing quality care to those in need. Together we see ourselves as a team who have become of paramount importance for the general public to be able to access private healthcare, which years ago was presumed to be only for the affluent.” Ms Vino said, “As strategic partners, we believe that it is our responsibility to be transparent in delivering what we promise, taking into account the economics and needs of patients and clients.” She added that communication and information was the way to becoming true partners in providing a valuable and vital service and together preventing costs from spiralling at both ends.

Guests were later treated to pulsating belly dance performances by the Susan Dance Academy and the evening exploded into a fiery finale with exhilarating performances by Helmi Gimik who played multiple lovable and affable Chinese and Indian characters.

Ribbon of Life Campaign

By James Gough

Pantai Hospital Ipoh recently launched their Ribbon of Life Campaign in conjunction with the World Heart Awareness and Breast Cancer Awareness programmes. The launch included an interactive public forum in which speakers spoke on related topics.

Ms Ranjit Kaur moderating a Q&A with other 'survivors'

President of the Breast Cancer Welfare Association, Ms Ranjit Kaur, herself a ‘survivor’ shared her experience during her “Journey in Breast Cancer” in which she clarified the facts and myths when one is faced with this disease. Her testimony was light saying that being a woman is a high risk job and reminded all “to be responsible for oneself by going for regular check-ups to enable early detection.”

Ranjit later moderated a group of survivors who also shared their experiences in handling the disease. The campaign kicked off on October 1 at Pantai Hospital where staff and family members underwent a weeklong free ECG and clinical breast examination. The campaign will continue over the next two months with road shows covering villages and corporations such as TNB, banks and factories.

For fund raising, a 10-day art exhibition is planned featuring the impressions of Perak Heritage sites. Proceeds from the sales will go toward the Persatuan Pink Champion Perak (a Breast Cancer Survivor Support Group) and the Breast Cancer Welfare Association.

The last activity of the campaign is a massive bicycle rally through Ipoh which is scheduled for December 18.

Community Clinic Launched


Collaboration between City Council and Pantai Hospital has resulted in the establishment of Ipoh’s first community clinic located at the lobby of MBI’s main building. The clinic was officially opened on June 3 by Mayor Dato’ Roshidi Hashim and Pantai Hospital CEO, Dr. Dilshaad Ali. Roshidi thanked Pantai Hospital for its commitment in ensuring the success of the clinic, a project under the hospital’s Corporate Social Responsibility programme and in line with MBI’s Local Agenda 21. The clinic is the first to be established at a local council in the country. Its primary objective is to provide free medical service to members of the community and to raise the level of awareness on health care. It operates every Wednesday between 9 a.m. to 1p.m. and is managed by Pantai Hospital’s medical staff. Each week the clinic will focus on a different theme such as general wellness and healthy lifestyle.


Seefoon Lands in Hospital With an Acute Case of Gourmet-Itis


By See Foon Chan-Koppen

As all of you dear readers know, I’ve eaten in rat-ridden road-side stalls, swish 3-Michelin-star restaurants, holes-in-the-wall ‘Tai Chau’ places, Mama-Papa home eateries; but never in my entire life, (and without revealing how long that has been) have I ever raved about hospital food – which has always brought up in me, the response of ‘Yuck’.

Unusual Invitation

Until today that is. Today I had the pleasure of being invited to dine at Pantai Hospital – a very unusual invitation to say the least. When I was first approached with this novel idea, knowing my own general abhorrence and recalling the many encounters I’ve had with hospital food, my first inclination was to decline. However, with some cajoling and assurances from charming corporate communications chief of Pantai, Betty Caleb, that the meal will be worthwhile reviewing, I relented and went for the tasting.

Thanks to innovative planning from dynamic CEO Dr. Dilshaad Ali, Pantai Hospital Ipoh is forging ahead with ‘re-inventing’ itself and holding good to its promises of refurbishment, upgrades and general overhaul of services pertaining  to the customer – in this case, in- and out-patients. And quality of food is high on their list of priorities.

Hotel Standard

Jeffrey Gomes, Customer Service Division Manager, greeted us on arrival and promptly showed us to a well-laid table in their conference room on the fourth floor which they had turned into an impromptu dining room. A scrolled menu lay at each place setting tied with red ribbon. “Wow, full hotel set-up” commented one of my party, and understandably so, as Jeffrey comes from a Food and Beverage background having only recently left the Casuarina Hotel after 8 years.


Executive Chef Mohamed Azli

Executive Chef  Mohamed Azli bin Mat Ali also comes from an hotel background having gained experience with the Merlin, Ramada Renaissance, Pan Pacific groups and lastly with Casuarina Parkroyal Ipoh. He was also a Guest Chef for Fukuoka City Council, Busan City Council and Regal Riverside Shatin Hong Kong at different times in his career. Chef Azli was hired by Pantai because of his substantial experience in designing exciting, creative and innovative menus. He is running the F&B kitchen and overseeing all the food aspects. Together with Jeffrey, they will also be working closely with the dietician in order to provide well-balanced meals for all patients.


The menu they put together can only be described as fine-dining or ‘gourmet’. As we waited for the food to arrive, half-moon portions of a kind of pita bread was served. This was totally tantalizing in the contrast of its crusty topping of garlic and cheese and the softness of the middle section. I was told that this was made by Chef Azli himself as were all the accompaniments of the subsequent dishes.

The appetizer was a risotto (Italian style rice) with prawns in a prawn bisque sauce. The prawn bisque was tasty as were the prawns. Next came the main course of Miso rubbed Canadian Salmon served with a Tian (round shape of anything piled high in layers) of aubergine (brinjal), asparagus, Tapenade (olive paste) on a bed of Buckwheat noodles. The salmon was done just right, still slightly pink inside and grilled on the outside. The Tian consisted of two thick slices of brinjal sandwiching a slice of tomato and topped with sun-dried tomatoes. This with the olive paste provided the right dollop of sauciness to the salmon and the buckwheat noodles, causing me to devour every mouthful.

Other Delights

This was only one of the menus on offer! Other menus which will be rotated in turn will be a welcome addition especially for the long-stay patients. This gourmet menu will also be available for those going to the Wellness Centre. Other items on the gourmet menu include:

Curried Pumpkin Soup with Roast Pumpkin Seed; Pan-Fried Cajun Snapper Fillet on Lentil and Potato Ragout with Coriander Sauce; Puree of Chic Pea with Cheese Croutons; Pan-Fried Chicken Breast with Olive-Scented Jus, Seasonal Vegetable and Potato Wedges or Pillaf Rice; Minestrone Soup with Pesto; Poached Cod with Tomato Basil Sauce and Cous-Cous and Sautéed Vegetables;  Mushroom Cappuccino; Pan Roasted Mahi-Mahi with Coriander Pesto, Spinach Tagliatelle and Fresh Garden Vegetables; Fillet of Sea Bream with Parsley Sabayon, Soft Polenta and Tian of Eggplant.

Now doesn’t that make you want to rush out for your next wellness check-up? By the way, these gourmet menus are only available for patients in private single rooms only. That’s what I call pampering!

Nurses Day Celebration


The nurses at Pantai Hospital Ipoh are a lucky lot. They were pampered with foot reflexology, cooking and food carving demonstrations, and a makeup demonstration in conjunction with Nurses Day on May 12.

Nurses usually spend the good part of their working day on their feet, and so the hospital rewarded them by having this one day where they were literally swept off their feet by enjoying a relaxing foot massage and other fun things. In the lobby, the staff, visitors and patients were entertained by the hospital choir, which usually sings every Tuesday; also handicrafts were being sold by the Ray of Hope Centre and Daybreak. This was the Hospital’s way of showing its appreciation to their nursing staff – ‘Well done nurses, and thank you for caring!’


Appreciative Pantai Hospital


Dr Dilshaad with the team from Pantai Hospital

Pantai Hospital Ipoh recently held an Appreciation Night for its supporters for enabling it to consolidate its position as a leading Health Care Provider in Ipoh and Perak in general.

The function which was held at the recently opened Tropicana Grand Ballroom and Banquet saw over 400 guests consisting of insurance agencies and the media together with management and staff of Pantai Hospital grace the function.

Dr Dilshaad Ali Abas Ali, the CEO of Pantai Hospital Ipoh, in his address to his guests reiterated the appreciation by the hospital to all those present.

The function was a boisterous night and the events of the night included a lucky draw, dance and magic show and best-dressed individuals donning Chinese outfits.