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“Think Tourism Act Tourism”


From the Editor’s Desk

By Fathol Zaman Bukhari

Ed's Desk - Think Tourism Act TourismThis is the tagline of the recent Tourism Perak – sponsored seminar, or a more pleasant alternative, retreat, held at the Swiss Garden Golf Resort and Spa in Damai Laut, Lumut. The remoteness of the holiday resort, located on an elevated promontory overlooking Pangkor Island, lends credence to it being classified a retreat.

Once inside, guests have little access with the outside world as getting to Sitiawan, the nearest town requires a bumpy ride along a winding road that runs for over 20 kilometres amidst a lush tropical jungle interspersed with oil palm and fast-disappearing rubber trees.

So a respite lasting three days and two nights is a retreat in every sense of the word. However, defining the word “retreat” is of no consequence if the significance of the meeting of tourism players in Perak is lost in transition.

The primary objective of the seminar was to get all those involved in the state tourism industry to sit together, deliberate over pressing issues and come up with some workable solutions to address problems affecting the industry, per se.

“It’s not about reinventing the wheel,” said one rather disinterested participant. He was right. As far as my memory takes me, this must be the umpteenth time I have attended a seminar or forum or retreat on tourism. Therefore, the word holds no special meaning to those who have been exposed to the subject.

“It’s not the form that matters but the substance,” uttered another. His rankling was not without reasons. Obviously, he was riled by the lackadaisical attitude of those entrusted with the implementation of resolutions passed and adopted during past meetings. The nagging question on the minds of the hundred-odd participants who had gathered at the resort’s spacious ballroom that Sunday evening was whether the ostentatious retreat would go the way of previous get-togethers – all talk but no action.

I was a little skeptical but acceded nonetheless. To me it was the infusion of new blood that prompted me to sit out and listen. On the podium was the newly-minted Executive Councillor for Health, Tourism and Culture, Ms Nolee Ashilin Dato’ Mohd Radzi, the assemblywoman for Tualang Sekah.

She is like a breath of fresh air. Coming from a family of politicians and a father who once held the same portfolio under Tan Sri Ramli Ngah Talib, youthful Nolee has the panache, the wherewithal and the desire to see things through. She exhibited her flair by playing some catchy video clips on tourism. It caught the audience’s attention. She knew what she was talking about. We were thrilled.

Being young and blessed with a solid academic grounding, Nolee seems the right candidate for the hot seat. I have no qualms about her credentials. She has an honours degree in accounting and finance from one of the top twenty universities in the United Kingdom, Manchester Metropolitan University. She also holds a master’s degree in business management from Edith Cowen University, Perth, Australia.

The lady is a pedigree, a thoroughbred. But like a rough diamond it requires polishing. Nolee’s willingness to listen to the woes of one very aggrieved tour agent from Pangkor Island provides a likeable preview of things to come. My only hope is she will rise to the occasion as Visit Malaysia Year 2014 is less than six months away. There is plenty to be done and getting things done the right way is no mean task. It requires the support of all, especially the staff of Tourism Perak which she heads.

Although my presence at the seminar was merely to listen and to report I got into the thick of the action, nonetheless. Preserving heritage buildings, antiquated machineries, traditions and cultures was one of the subjects for discussion.

The monstrous tin dredge idling on a man-made lake in Tanjung Tualang and nicknamed TT5 (Tanjung Tualang 5) was the focus of our attention. Neglected and left to rot in the unforgiving tropical sun, TT5 is on the verge of sinking into the murky waters unless works to rehabilitate it are taken. Its touristic potentials, unfortunately, are being overlooked by its stakeholders. If nothing is done this “indomitable legacy of the tin era” will end at the bottom of the lake.

Cross selling TT5 with the lacklustre herbal garden, the over-indulged Kellie’s Castle, the tasty prawn dishes of Tanjung Tualang and the breathtaking vistas of Kinta Nature Park is one way to promote heritage-rich Perak to the world. These iconic features, fortunately, are found along the Simpang Pulai-Batu Gajah-Tanjung Tualang road.

Yang Berhormat Nolee, we have made our intentions known. The ball is now in your court.

“We Want Nature”


The Grassi family, who originate from Zurich Switzerland, wanted a 2-week holiday and promptly chose  Perak because of its natural wonders on offer. The family of three, Astrid, Philipp and son Eric, 11, had heard of Singapore and Kuala Lumpur and its Twin Towers but wanted more of nature than big city activity and even gave Penang a miss. “We just wanted to have more of nature,” said mum Astrid. Their 2-week itinerary included one night in KL, three days in Ipoh then onwards to Belum and a few days in Langkawi before going home.

Ipoh Echo caught up with them before they left for Belum and got their insights of what they saw here.

The family took the train from KL to Ipoh and were picked up by tour guide Raja at the railway station. “For a 3-day stay in an unfamiliar place it is perfect to have a tour guide,” said Philipp Grassi.

Their first day tour took them to the tin museum in Kampar and Gopeng, Lata Kinjang waterfalls, Gua Tempurung (“the inner cave is huge”) and the adventure playgrounds of Gopeng including Nomad Adventure Camp where Eric saw monkeys.

We Want NatureThe next day took them north to the Royal town of Kuala Kangsar and over to Taiping where the highlight of their visit was to the Matang mangrove swamp. “It was different from Bangladesh, here the trees are so tall,” exclaimed Philipp. A bonus here was seeing woodpeckers on a tree.

At Taiping they found the Lake Gardens fascinating, where they took a boat ride and saw “a huge iguana/monitor lizard swimming to our boat”, a first for the family.  Lunch was at Kuala Sepetang coastal village. “We ate so much we didn’t want to move after that,” said Astrid.

We Want NatureAround Ipoh they visited the cave temples and the pomelo orchards at Tambun and enjoyed Ipoh’s famous chicken and bean sprouts. Astrid enjoyed the Indian food at Little India and was amazed that the “different Indian and Chinese communities could live peacefully side by side.”

Philipp, an architect thought positively of the way Kong Heng Hotel has been adapted and similarly of Burps and Giggles. For Eric, he was thrilled that he got a photograph of a White-breasted Hawk at Gunung Lang.

As for Ipoh town they remarked that everything was nearby, the pace of traffic not heavy and generally ‘is not too crowded’ and had an easy-going feel about the place. The Grassis rated the 3-day Ipoh visit a high 9 for nature and nice tourism products.

We Want Nature2Their main negative point was the difficulty in accessing the tourism products “without a tourist guide a walkabout visitor would not be able to visit all the products”.

The Grassis were looking forward to going to Belum and were surprised that both Belum and the Perak Man at Lenggong were all found in the same state, adding that Perak had so much to offer  the nature lover.

Based on their observations it appears that Ipoh’s tourism products are excellent and it is a pity that a large segment of the European market are still unaware of them; also what is evident is that the issue of easy accessibility to the tourism products, which has been highlighted umpteen times, has not been addressed at all.

Ipoh Echo thanks the Grassis for sharing their holiday with our readers and for their photos.


Visit Perak Year 2012 logo

Appraising VPY 2012


Visit Perak Year 2012 logoBy Fathol Zaman Bukhari

Visit Perak Year (VPY) 2012 is now in its third month of operation and in nine months it will come to a close. Whether this year-long endeavour to increase tourist arrivals in Perak meets its defined targets is open to debate. Given the fluidity of activities organised to complement the event, it may be a little premature to appraise Tourism Perak’s performance at this juncture. A correct judgment will not be forthcoming unless factors such as timing, preparedness and mood are taken into account. These factors inhibit VPY 2012 and will make or break the resolve of those responsible.

It was with this aim in mind that prompted Fathil Ghani, the hard-pressed Chief Executive Officer of Tourism Perak, to call for a meeting with media chiefs recently. The significance of the dialogue, held in a purpose-built limestone cave at Sunway’s Lost World of Tambun, was not lost in transition. The ambiance surrounding the seemingly claustrophobic cave was most conducive, as it encouraged the attendees to speak their minds out, literally.

Visit Perak Year 2012The reorganised Tourism Perak Management Berhad (TPMB), with Fathil at the helm, became operational only in mid-August 2011. For reasons of expedience, TPMB was placed under the control of the State Secretary and is responsible directly to the Executive Councillor of Tourism for the implementation of tourism-related activities/policies in Perak. Two other agencies are similarly responsible for tourism in the state. They are Tourism Malaysia (Perak) and Ministry of Tourism Perak Branch. In the heydays there was the state tourism council which presided over all three agencies. Over and above this, and acting on a more partisan platform, is the Perak Tourism Association, a non-governmental organisation that acts as a conduit between the government and the tourism sector.

The presence of these bodies did little to overcome the public’s misconception of tourism management in the state. Many are still unclear of the roles and responsibilities of each agency. After having interacted with Fathil for the last eight months I am a little better than the average Perakean. Tourism Perak is the agency that calls the shots insofar as touristic activities in Perak are concerned. The other agencies are only in support. It is at the beck and call of the Executive Councillor of Tourism, Dato’ Hamidah Osman. That explains why Fathil is in the thick of the action. Wherever Hamidah is, Fathil is there. Previous heads were not as conspicuous. The reason is simple – they could not fit in.

The meeting at the Tambun theme park’s Kapura Cave saw some exciting exchanges which would have been summarily dismissed had it been held at a more formal location. Questions on VPY 2012’s visibility and on tourist arrivals were raised. Fathil provided the answers and though they were not to our expectation, at least we all agreed to disagree.

Visit Perak Year 2012 - Royal Belum World Drums FestivalA number of billboards extolling the virtues of VPY 2012 have been erected and placed along highways and byways. But the number is too few and far between to make an impact. “This is the reason why there is very little aura in Ipoh and in the state,” said Jalal, the Berita Harian chief. Awareness creation is essential, he reasoned as people need to be constantly reminded of the auspicious occasion.

“To date 70 tourist-related activities have been organised and more are in the pipeline,” said Fathil. Activities at district and council levels are also being planned. The success of these programmes is dependent upon the creativity and determination of the district and council heads. “They have been forewarned not by Hamidah alone but by the MB himself,” Fathil intimated.

If anything, the two-hour meeting revealed some interesting facts about VPY 2012. Foremost, it is planned with some finesse but implementation is being hampered by jitteriness and indecision. Subsequently, the full potential of Tourism Perak is not yet realised.

These are teething problems, which must be overcome if VPY 2012 is to see the light of day.  That was the consensus of those at the meeting.

Dato' Hamidah Osman, Executive Councillor for Tourism

Perak Tourism Fest

Dato' Hamidah Osman, Executive Councillor for Tourism
Executive Councillor for Tourism, Dato' Hamidah Osman

Executive Councillor for Tourism, Dato’ Hamidah Osman unveiled a slew of activities organised as a lively prelude to Visit Perak Year (VPY) 2012. These activities are an integral part of the Perak Tourism Fest (Fiesta Pelancongan Perak) held at Stadium Indera Mulia from Wednesday, December 28, 2011 to Sunday, January 1, 2012. The 5-day fest is aimed at showcasing Perak to visitors with VPY 2012 in mind. They include the following:

 * Tourism expositions by Tourism Perak, Agriculture Department, Perak Herbal Garden, Royal Belum etc.

 * Shuffle competition.

* Battle of the Chef.

* Tourism Perak Idol.

 * Colouring Contest.

 * Auto show.

 *Vespa show.

 *Aerobic competition.

 * Ice carving.

Dato' Hamidah Osman, Executive Councillor for TourismLocal artistes will perform throughout the duration of the fest. Among them are Zehra Zambry, Saleem Iklim, Ramli Sarip, Crystal and Seri Devi. Popular TV host, Dato’ “AC” Mizal will emcee the entertainment show.

Opening time is between 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily. Incidentally, the fest coincides with the national-level Piala Agong Basketball Tournament which was launched by the Menteri Besar on Wednesday, December 28 at 8.30 p.m. at Stadium Indera Mulia.

For all and sundry, this is an opportune moment to show your support for VPY 2012. There will be plenty of fireworks to usher in the New Year.


A Name Change


The controversial Perak Tourist Information Centre near Ipoh Padang will undergo a name change soon. Long the bane of tourists and visitors to Ipoh and Perak, the Centre was in the limelight recently when a piece by Mariam Mokthar in Ipoh Echo (Issue 129) caused raised eyebrows within the state government.

Executive Councillor for Tourism, Dato’ Hamidah Osman is aware of the shortcomings of the Centre. Although named Perak Tourist Information Centre, it is in essence a centre that promotes Ipoh city rather than Perak. The name does not, however, reflect the true nature of business of the place.

A major grouse with visitors is the absence of capable staff knowledgeable enough on Perak and its surroundings. Suggestions by well wishers keen on making it an information centre of substance have fallen on deaf ears. The Perak Tourism Association has even offered to train the staff and provide volunteers to manage the centre. The council gives lip service by being a good listener. Its reluctance to incorporate changes is puzzling considering that Ipoh is the entry point of visitors to Perak and the Visit Perak Year 2012 (VPY 2012) is imminent.

Dato’ Hamidah’s visit provided the senior executive councillor with an opportunity to see matters for herself. Hamidah, Fathil Ghani, Perak Tourism CEO and media representatives dropped in at the centre on Friday, October 7. She was received by MBI’s Assistant Secretary, Hj Azizuddin Hj Alias and was briefed on the touristic developments taking place in Ipoh. The council has received RM3.8 million to upgrade public toilets, Medan Kidd, the railway station and the Ipoh heritage trail. Works on the projects will begin in November and will end in April 2012.

Hamidah said that it was in the interest of visitors that a dedicated information centre be established in the city, one exclusively for city visitors and the other for those wanting to see the state. The current Perak Tourist Information Centre, she said should be renamed the Ipoh Tourist Information Centre while the other, the Perak Tourist Information Centre. The proposed site will be at the Railway Station. This new centre will be managed by the Perak Tourist Guides’ Association.

Hamidah and Fathil will, in the weeks ahead, visit all the touristic spots in the state to see them at close quarters and to resolve lingering problems in situ. This will be the strategy the duo will adopt before the start of VPY 2012.


Perak Tourism Bhd Appoints CEO

Encik Ahmad Fathil Abdul Ghani, CEO Perak Tourism

Encik Ahmad Fathil Abdul Ghani has been appointed CEO of Perak Tourism Berhad. Fathil comes to Perak with a wealth of tourism experience having served with the Terengganu State Tourism Board since 1990.

Fathil initially began his career as a hotel executive in 1988 before joining the Terengganu State Secretariat in 1990 as its Tourism and Culture Officer. In 2003, he was appointed the planning and development manager for the State Tourism Action Council and in 2008 was promoted to general manager, a post he held till 2009.

In 2010, he was appointed the Director, Ministry of Tourism, Terengganu, till July 31 this year before taking up his new post with Tourism Perak Berhad.

When interviewed, Fathil had already sized up what Perak had to offer and what needed to be done.

“Perak has the products to be a top destination,” stated Fathil and described the products as, “Kuala Kangsar is a Royal Town”, Royal Belum “you don’t need to fly to a million-year-old rainforest, you can drive there” and described Pangkor as “a niche location”. Regarding Ipoh “it’s got heritage trail maps” while Perak also has “an added advantage, easy access to Cameron Highlands.”

“In the tourism industry the government only gets the taxes. If the rakyat participates and grabs the opportunities available in the industry, one can reap its benefits.”

However, the most important aspect is that everyone, whether stakeholders, players, NGOs, must co-operate and work together. “We can plan a lot of programmes but it is the stakeholders who will implement the programmes to make Perak a premier destination.”

On Visit Perak Year 2012, he said the state needed the co-operation from all parties, i.e. state government, district councils, local authorities as well as the stakeholders and the whole community to act for tourism to work.

Regarding promotions he said, “There are two types of events, the spectator event and the participation event, an example being the Ipoh International Run. We will need a few good events that are well promoted and branded as an event unique and specific to Perak.”

Regarding the appointment of the Ipoh Echo to be the medium of distribution for the Perak Tourism newsletter, Fathil said “as Perak’s own community newspaper and with the widest English readership and distribution in Perak both in print and online, it is a logical choice as the newsletter will be a platform to communicate and promote destinations and packages and benefits both players and visitors.”


Ambitious Target for Visit Perak Year 2012


By James Gough

Perak is to embark on an aggressive programme to promote tourism in the state. It has set a target for three million tourist arrivals under its Visit Perak Year 2012. The promotion, which lifted off this month, has a two-prong approach. One is to spruce up the various tourist attractions available in the state and the other is to draw up attractive tour packages to lure tourists to stay overnight.

Publicity Campaign to Put Perak on Tourism Map

State tourism chairman, Dato’ Hamidah Othman, hopes to put the state on the tourism map through an intensive publicity campaign in the country and as well as abroad.

She said it was important that they start preparing now for the Visit Perak Year 2012. She is seeking a RM10 million budget for promotions from the state with a ringgit-to-ringgit match from the federal government.
Although Perak has many tourist attractions, it has not felt the full impact of the country’s successful tourism industry each year. Though tourism is the second largest revenue earner in the country earning RM56.5 billion from the arrival of 24.6 million visitors last year, Perak recorded just 2.2 million tourist arrivals during the same period.

This is being attributed to tour agents from Penang and Kuala Lumpur for organising only day trips to the various tourist attractions in the state, while local tour agents appear to be just interested in outbound tours.
As a result, the number of visitors to Perak has been experiencing a declining trend in the last three years. Perak therefore needs to offer attractive tour packages to lure tourists to stay longer.

Lure Tourists To Stay Longer
“Our goal for Visit Perak Year 2012 is to create 3 days-2 nights (3D2N) packages to allow visitors to the state to stay overnight,” said Hamidah. According to her, getting visitors to stay overnight would have a spill-over effect for the industry players.

Generally, a visitor to Ipoh who is staying for a 2D1N package spends an average RM300 which covers accommodation, transport, food and shopping. Based on this simple formula and at 3 million visitors the spill over effect to the industry would be RM900 million.

However, Hamidah is planning to come out with 3D2N package stays. She has identified four packages to be worked on. They are Belum and Lenggong, Kuala Kangsar and Taiping, Pangkor and Manjung and Ipoh.
With just over five months to go, preparations for the Visit Perak Year will start with a seminar to be attended by the stake holders and hoteliers.

Similarly, Menteri Besar Dato’ Seri DiRaja Zambry Abdul Kadir will also be holding briefings with representatives from all district councils and local authorities to prepare for events on district, federal and international levels.

Locals To Think Tourism And Do Tourism
“Visit Perak Year 2012 will involve the whole state,” stressed Hamidah. “We need to create awareness throughout the state and have the local residents as well as local councils, to participate to have a Fiesta. We have to tickle the locals to think tourism and do tourism”.

The theme for Visit Perak Year 2012 is “Green Tourism. Yours to Discover. Nature and Heritage” which is aligned to Tourism Malaysia’s tagline “Go Green, Go Clean”.

Hamidah has budgeted RM7.5 million for promotions. Besides new brochures, it will include 14 billboards throughout the North-South Highway from Johor to Perlis with additional billboards at KLIA, LCCT and KL Sentral. Two LRT coaches will feature Visit Perak Year’s wraparounds while aggressive promotions via the main-stream media will commence this month. Apart from these, road shows are also to be held in Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Singapore, Medan and Jakarta.

Hamidah also announced that the state was working with an outside agent to develop the inbound tourism market saying that the local agents were more interested in promoting outbound tourism.

Meanwhile, the state is preparing some new tourist attractions; among them an allocation of RM200,000 for the Kinta Nature Park in Batu Gajah and a RM300,000 allocation for upgrading Lorong Panglima (Concubine Lane) in Ipoh.

Others include steps taken to float the last tin dredge at Tanjung Tualang, converting a decommissioned Royal Malaysian Navy warship, KD Rahmat, at Lumut into a living museum with a hotel and floating restaurant, promoting the firefly colony at Kampong Dew near Taiping, more Heritage Trail Maps for Old Town Ipoh, and plans for Batu Gajah and Gopeng.

Lenggong Valley archaeological site, where remains and artefacts from the Palaeolithic (old Stone Age) and Neolithic (new Stone Age) were found as well as the skeleton of the 11,000 years old Perak Man will be featured strongly.

On Ipoh/Tin Heritage, Hamidah initiated a move to gazette the area from Ipoh to Batu Gajah, Kampar and Gopeng as a Tin World Heritage site. Perak Tourism is collaborating with National Heritage Department to gazette the area though she is now going for National Heritage Gazetting.

Meanwhile, the Malayan railways company (KTMB) has donated one of its three ‘domed verandas’ that protrude outward from the Ipoh Railway station to be used as a Tourist Information Counter and centre for the heritage walk where visitors would be briefed before setting out on their walk.

Ipoh Railway Station is the starting point of the Ipoh Heritage Walk every Saturday. According to Hamidah the Perak Tour Guides Association would operate the information centre when ready.

Calendar of Events
Perak Tourism too will be coming out with a Calendar of Events throughout next year with contributions from NGOs, associations and local government bodies. The calendar will be finalised by September and the printed copy out by October.

Other activities proposed by Hamidah include participation by commercial retailers to promote local products such as white coffee and even shoes, and promoting cycling to get around heritage trails.

On the overall preparations, Hamidah said that “generally we are ready. Our theme song and logo are ready while our promotions will start this month. Everything else should be completed by September as we plan to have a soft launch in October while the actual launch will be on January 1, 2012 after the New Year countdown.”

What Tourists Say About Perak

Raja (right with backpack)

K. Raja, Ipoh’s senior tourist guide, has compiled a Tourist “Wish-list” from his interactions with the hundreds of tourists he has led on tours in and around the Kinta Valley. Here are some of them:

Both local and foreign visitors feel that Ipoh, Kinta, and Perak have all the tourist attractions one dreams about. These are the tourists’ first comments, once they have seen what Perak has to offer.

Tourists like to see and experience what they don’t have in their home state or country. Natural surroundings, jungles, and hills which are perfect for adventure tourism, and are felt to have a huge potential being so close to home (Ipoh). However, they caution that Gopeng hill is already over developed.

Visitors don’t wish to see sky-scrapers everywhere as they spoil the beautiful view of the encircling limestone hills.

Perak, Kinta, has such a colourful history/heritage which has to be explored and showcased, a tourist attraction par excellence.

For most domestic and Singapore tourists, the mention of Ipoh immediately brings food to their minds. But once they’re here and catch sight of the natural surroundings, they are astonished. They often wonder why visitors are not told about Perak’s other attractions prior to their arrival in the Silver State. Aggressive marketing and promotion is essential.

The Ipoh Heritage Trail, with its old buildings, is beyond visitors’ expectations. Often they are mesmerized by Kinta’s history.

Tourists expect places of interest and landmarks to be well maintained and clean which is not the case in Ipoh. As a result, we have received very negative comments from visitors from far and near. Notice boards are the business cards of our town, and presently are way below acceptance!

Visitors from Singapore are willing to invest in Ipoh by buying old houses and have them restored professionally (Badan Warisan guide-lines)

Two daily Firefly flights have boosted the arrival of visitors from Singapore, but the current infrastructure, especially as regards public transport in the state, is sadly inadequate and inefficient.

Tourists are pleading to all industry players, travel agents, tourist guides, hotels and taxi drivers to be HONEST in their dealings. Short-term gains are like throwing sand in one’s own rice bowl.

The potential of Belum, Temenggor is completely under-promoted as it has a huge capacity for responsible tourism development.

Other neglected destinations include Mangrove forest, charcoal factory, Kuala Gula and the epoch-making town of Taiping.

Kinta Valley, Tin history, limestone hills, caves, Kinta Nature Park and the many precious small towns in the state to be explored by nostalgic train rides and eco-friendly bicycle tours. NOTE, please remove Go-kart and other inappropriate activities around Gua Tempurong or it will lose its natural attraction.

Lenggong Valley – “The Perak Man – The Missing Puzzle”, is a huge tourist attraction in the making.

Proclaim the orchid Vanda hookeriana – (Kinta weed) as the Perak State flower.

K. Raja leaves us with his thoughts on tourism, “The way forward for Perak is to focus on nature & history with innovative and aggressive marketing while constantly focus on customers’ needs and expectations – and not on our whim and fancies, I am convinced we can make tourism a major source of revenue for the Silver State.”



The Fireflies of Kg Dew


Thank you for a very good article and publicity about the Kg Dew firefly watching site.

Just a few facts that need to be clarified for the benefit of the readers:

“Tropical fireflies routinely synchronise…”
Well, the congregating fireflies in this region either synchronise their flashing or not depending on the species.

“The cause of this behaviour is linked to diet, social interaction and altitude…”
The congregation of this particular species of firefly, i.e., the Pteroptyx tener in this case (similar to the Sg Selangor firefly) is the mating behaviour of the male adult fireflies gathering together and synchronising their flashing to call for the adult female fireflies. It has nothing to do with their diet or altitude. Social interaction…mating that’s all.

“…some enterprising individuals in the village formed the Kelab Chaya Alam Perak…”
Kelip-Kelip Cahaya Alam Perak or KECAP was formed in February 2011 with the guidance of the Malaysian Nature Society (MNS) in a firefly ‘ecotourism-involving-local-community-project’.

“Its objective is to promote the Kg Dew fireflies…”
Not only that… KECAP also promotes the conservation and awareness of the fireflies and its mangrove habitat.

Sonny Wong
Project Coordinator
Malaysian Nature Society