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Cheers for Tambun’s Pomelo Growers


The long, long wait of the pomelo growers in Tambun for land will soon end with a cheerful note. The Land Office will distribute the land grants to them early next month.


Husny with the Tambun Farmers Association

The move will ensure the survival of the locally grown pomelo, which has become synonymous with Ipoh for decades. The growers, cultivating the land on Temporary Occupation Licence (TOL), have been facing an uncertain future for years as they have no control over the land.

In fact, many growers had been forced to vacate their orchards to make way for other projects, including the North-South Expressway. Recently, one of the last patches of orchards was under threat of being taken over for housing development but the state government had wisely revoked the order and promised to allocate the land to the growers.

DS Husny on the microphone. On his right is Chow San (Association Chairman) and Pan (Association Adviser)

The good news was announced by MP for Tambun Dato’ Seri Ahmad Husny Hanadziah, who has been working behind the scene to achieve this, during a Chinese New Year luncheon organised by the Persekutuan Pekebun-Pekebun Tambun recently.

Ahmad Husny said the Land Office was completing the preparation of the grants and the official handover “should be around 5 or 6 March.” Seventy-seven owners covering a total area of 107 acres will receive their 99-year lease grants.

He also announced plans to package Limau Tambun together with promotion tours to Banjaran Hot Springs and Lost World of Tambun as “a prime tourist destination”. He specified that the area “from Tambun going towards Ampang would be upgraded, on both sides of the road, with fencing, parking facilities and toilets to accommodate tourists.”

The Association’s adviser Pan Kam Sing said that the growers were eagerly awaiting the grants saying they “had been applying for the grant since the 70s”.

Known commonly as ‘Limau Bali’, pomelo has been grown around Tambun and neighbouring Ampang for over two generations. Due to the quality of the fruit it has become well-known throughout the country and abroad.

The soils of the orchards, which are surrounded by limestone hills, are rich in minerals such as calcium for the tree to thrive and produce the best of the fruits.


Pomelo Farmers of Tambun Get Their Land – Finally


Dato’ Seri Zambry Abdul Kadir today gave the Pomelo Farmers of Tambun an ‘ang pow’ they will treasure for generations to come.

On January 30 2009 Zambry announced that the state government would be granting the farmers 99-year leases to their land. His announcement was greeted with cheers by the farmers present. As an added sweetener Zambry announced that the farmers would be exempted from back payment of land premiums.

2nd fr R: Dr Mah, Dato' Rusnah, MB Zambry, Farmer Chow Sun, Dato' Seri Ahmad Husni and Dato' Nazri

This exemption was granted at the request by both Dato’ Seri Ahmad Husni Hanadziah, Member of Parliament for Tambun and YB Dato’ Rusnah Kassim, State Assemblywoman for Ulu Kinta. Both Husny and Rusnah had vouched that the farmers had responsibly toiled the land and had contributed to making the pomelo synonymous with the state of Perak.

Pomelo’s or known commonly as ‘Limau Bali’ has been grown around Tambun town for over 2 generations. Due to the quality of the fruit it has become a tourist attraction and busloads of tourists stop over at Tambun each week to savour the fruit. However the land where the fruit is grown had always been classified as ‘Temporary Occupation Licence’ which was a concern by the orchard owners who began lobbying for a permanent title over 20 years ago.

An initial total of 62 farmers covering 115 acres will benefit from this gesture by the state government. According to Zambry there are additional orchards which are eligible but their details have not yet been finalised. Dato’ Seri Husni Hanadziah, who is also the Finance Minister 2, confirmed that the farmers would be able to receive their titles within 3 months after submitting their application.

Long time farmer Mr Chow Sun, 74, who is also the Chairman of the Tambun Pomelo Farmers Association, was very happy with the announcement. “I have been growing pomeloes since my father’s time which is over 80 years ago. For close to 30 years we have been asking for the land and today we have finally been granted our request”.

When all the euphoria of the morning had quietened down one could hear sighs of ‘at last’ and ‘finally’ being mentioned signalling an end to a drawn-out battle between the growers and the authorities. An end that brings joy to both parties, especially the growers.