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Rugby: Ten-a-Side U-15 National Competition


The recent National 10-a-side U-15 Rugby Tournament held at Sekolah Tunku Abdul Rahman (STAR) organised by the Perak School Sports Council under its organising chairman Tuan Hj Mohd Idris b Hj Ramli, was a super event.

Hitherto referred to as  “a game of hooligans played by gentlemen” this description should conjure up an image of how the game is played. Players pulling shirts, tackling legs and other teammates then piling on top of each other just to get hold of the rugby ball.

The last time the event was held at the school grounds was 31 years ago. Back then too, STAR was the first winner of U-15 championship. This year’s tournament saw a total of 32 school teams participating, 18 of which are boarding schools.

The champion for this year’s event was Sekolah Datuk Abdul Razak from Negeri Sembilan while the runner-up was SM Sains Selangor. Perak’s STAR, despite putting up a spirited performance throughout the competition, took third place.

MSSM’s (Majlis Sukan Sekolah Malaysia) technical chairman Raja Idris Raja Ali complimented the good organisation of the event and similarly too for the logistics, lodging as well as the venue.

For those interested in rugby, take note that the Under 12 and 18 National Championships are scheduled to be held at the STAR grounds next year during the first term school holidays.


Star Rekindles Tradition


ipoh echo issue 139, Sekolah Tunku Abdul Rahman (STAR)Sekolah Tunku Abdul Rahman (STAR), Ipoh has a long sporting tradition which dates back to its humble beginning in January 1957. The school, like similar institutions in Ipoh, has produced many sporting legends, especially rugby players who went on to don state and national colours. In fact, sports have been synonymous with the development of STAR per se.

In keeping with this proud tradition, the school organised the STAR Gold Rush Athletics Circuit 2012 on Saturday, March 3 at the school field. The athletics meet was an occasion to honour past greats who were invited to grace the day-long field event. A line-up of who’s who was on hand to provide the finesse to an otherwise mundane occasion. The presence of these one-time sporting greats was a true reflection of the appeal the school has on its past students. The current batch of students could only watch in awe at their famous seniors.

The athletic meet did produce some noteworthy results but were nowhere near that of the former athletes. A case in point was the renowned Golden Quartet ‘72 comprising of Yusof Ali, Hassan Ahmad, Zaharan Mat Piah and Mohd Redza Rahman. The foursome, who were present at the meet, were a force onto itself in the 1970s. Between them they had won several accolades for the school. Their forte was in the short sprints and the relays.

The seniors could only reflect on their past recalling a time when giving their best for their alma mater was all that mattered.