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‘Change Starts with You’ Workshops


Change starts with youTwo interesting Workshops are coming to Ipoh for the very first time. The first one, on September 22, 2-6pm, named Step Out of the Past will enable participants to let go of the limiting beliefs they carry, where these beliefs came from and how they are affecting their present life.

They will then be taught how to programme themselves with positive thoughts, create a new vision of themselves and treasure their own uniqueness.

Jaz Goven
Jaz Goven

Workshop 2 on September 29, 2-6pm, called Step into Your Full Potential will enable participants to learn the power of positive affirmations and how to use them for maximum effectiveness. They will also take home the powerful tool of Tapping or EFT for fast and effective release of physical and emotional trauma.

Leader of the workshops is Jaz Goven, a Brit living and practising in Chiangmai who is the founder of the Fast Track Freedom technique for the release of physical and emotional trauma.

These workshops promise to give attendees a set of tools to use at home for living life at full potential. The organizers assure timid ones that personal information need not be shared at these forums.

For more information, contact

Anne Huxtable 012-552 9233.

Email: anne@golfshaftsasiaor Jaz Goven: jaz@fasttracktechnique.com