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Aid for Family


Social Community Care (SCC) handed over food worth RM400 to Yusmita Kamaludin, mother of six children. One of her sons, aged five years, is suffering from hydranencephaly (enlarged head). Yusmita has been renting a flat in Taman Harmoni, Buntong for the past two months. Previously she was staying with her mother in Batu Gajah. Yusmita works as a domestic maid and earns RM400 per month and her husband works for a contractor and gets RM700 per month. The welfare department gives them RM300 per month. She said that it was difficult to run the family with the meagre income. Her children are not attending school. Her elder son went to school, but stopped when he could not bear the teasing from his classmates.

Aid for family

Yusmita has been going to the Government Hospital in Batu Gajah for treatment of her son. There has been no improvement. She has not seen any specialist.

Mohd Rawi, spokesman of SCC said that he would make arrangements for Denis Eqwan Adif, the ailing son to see specialists for treatment. He would also make long-term arrangements for the wellbeing of the family.

Aid for family

Well-wishers who want to help the family can send money to their bank account, BSN 0810341000047784.