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Perak Oral History Project




The Committee on Perak Oral History Project, a joint initiative by the Perak Heritage Society and Perak Academy, was launched on 15th October, 2009, at Perak Academy. The committee oversees the recording of oral history as narrated by laymen based on their experiences.

For a start, the concentration is on the Japanese Occupation (1942 to 1945) in Perak before moving to more recent times. To date, twelve individuals of that era have had their statements recorded. The recordings, in the form a script and a compact disc, were presented to the remaining two of the twelve during the launch, in appreciation for their efforts.

Tan Yap Pau, the Committee Chairman and event organiser, explained the reasons behind the project. “Oral history is another form of recorded history.  It is written based on personal experiences rather than hearsay, this being the only point of difference”, said Tan in his introductory speech.

Professor Lynn Hollen Lees from the Department of History, University of Pennsylvania, will help guide the committee with its maiden project. Lynn was present at the launch to lend her support.      

Those who are keen to have their experiences recorded please contact Perak Academy at 05-5478979 for an appointment.