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The Last Post – Story of The Emergency (1948-1960) & Commemorative Events


Book Review

 ipoh echo issue 138, book review, The Last Post – Story of The Emergency (1948-1960)This is a true story about the magnificent roles that everyone played, particularly those in the planting and mining sectors, the Malaysian Armed Forces, the Royal Malaysian Police and its ancillary units, members of government and non-governmental agencies and the ordinary civilians who lost their lives during the Emergency (1948 to 1960). It contains the Rolls of Honour of combatants – Commonwealth and Malaysians – who participated in the containment and the defeat of Communism. Graphic accounts of some of the tragic incidents are also included.

The book was written by R. Thambipillay, a combatant himself, after years of fruitful research, locally and overseas. The author explained the methods used in bringing the conflict to an end. He alluded to the roles of the Special Branch and the Psychological Warfare Section of the Government, which used intelligence, garnered by the Special Branch, to their advantage. The use of armour is also featured in the successful prosecution of the insurgency war. The book also attempts to describe how Communism developed world-wide and how it arrived at our shores.

This book, in essence, caters to the many visitors attending the various remembrance ceremonies in Ipoh.

The Last Post – story of the Emergency 1948-1960 and Commemorative Events (ISBN 978-983-41340-1-3) is published as a keepsake. It is a limited edition of only 1,000 hard-bound copies consisting of 298 pages with about 370 photos, of which over 300 are photos of tombs of Commonwealth military personnel, Royal Malaysia Police, planters, miners, civilians buried in Batu Gajah’s God’s Little Acre and other cemeteries in Malaysia. After almost 64 years there are still loved ones, colleagues and friends keen to know the final resting place of their loved ones. The chapter under Memoriam contains more photos of tombs.

The book provides detailed accounts (with photos) of commemorative events, such as the one initiated in 1980 in Batu Gajah popularly known as “God’s Little Acre”, the service for the fallen Gurkhas at Kem Syed Putra, Ipoh and a composite remembrance service revived in 2008 at the Cenotaph, opposite the Ipoh railway station ending with the popular “Troops Night” sponsored by the Chan brothers at the Royal Perak Golf Club.

The hard-bound book is priced at RM80 a piece. Those keen to purchase one can contact the author at 012‑2352557 for details.