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Inconsiderate Garbage Dumping


Thumbs Down

Garden refuse and other garbage from Club Condominium, in Laluan Harimau opposite the Golf Club, are being dumped at the junction of Tiger Close, a narrow road near the condominium. Upon seeing the pile of garbage, other residents have started to throw their garbage there. About half of the road is blocked by garbage. Within a few days new garbage was added to the pile.

Tiger Close

Tiger CloseDr Loh Seck Poh, a resident living in Tiger Close, said that previously MBI did collect the garbage occasionally, but lately there has been no collection for months. The place looks like a dump site and at times the pile is almost the height of an adult person. Since this is a narrow road it is difficult and dangerous to drive, near misses happen frequently.

During the meeting I arranged between Ee Cheng Tak, Committee Head, Residents Committee, Club Condominium and Dr Loh, Ee agreed that the pile of garbage next to the condominium is an eyesore. He informed that he had visited MBI a number of times and complained. No action has been taken.

Ee acknowledged the problem faced by residents living on Tiger Close. He assured that in future he will make arrangements for the garden refuse to be stored within the condominium prior to collection.

A. Jeyaraj

Pedestrian Crossing


More Hindrance than Help

Imagine using a pedestrian crossing along a busy road and coming up to a wall of railings. A nifty quick step to look for a gap and squeeze between the railings to get on to the pavement is needed before the impatient traffic zooms by. And judging by the width of the gaps, it’s a feat only managed by the anorexic.

This is the situation at the Jalan Hospital-Fair Park traffic-light junction beside the mosque. The question to be asked is this: are these railings more of a hindrance than help for pedestrians? It also shows that the pavements and crossings in the city are not pedestrian friendly.

Ipoh City Council needs to explain how this could have happened without any of its officials taking note of the situation, or have they chosen to ignore it? Where is the commonsense that there should be an opening at both ends of a pedestrians’ crossing?

The city council is currently erecting railings in various parts of the city in an effort to beautify the city and for the safety of pedestrians. These particular railings (see pic) need to be modified for the safety of those using the pedestrians’ crossing.

Jerry Francis

Slippery Entrance to Special Traffic Court


The entrance to the Special Traffic Court along Jalan Panglima Bukit Gantang Wahab here is sloping upwards to the door. The slope is steep and the surface is of smooth cement, creating a slipping hazard.

Social worker, Hamid Lee Abdullah, said that he had seen a number of people; especially senior citizens slip and fall. During rainy days the situation becomes more dangerous. He had informed the court officials of the problem, but no action has been taken.

The surface of the entrance must be replaced with relatively smooth but slip resistant material to prevent people from slipping. The slope must be made gradual or construct steps to make it user friendly.

The authorities must not wait for a serious accident to happen before taking action.