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Tong Sui Kai Night Stalls


Hawker Food

By Wern Sze Gill

Tong Sui Kai

Tong Sui Kai Night Stalls
Row of street stalls next to Sam Tet School
Jalan Gereja, Off Jalan Sultan Idris Shah, Ipoh.

Known popularly as “Tong Sui Kai” (desserts street) in Ipoh, this row of about 50 night stalls sell not only desserts, but a variety of hawker foods to meet everyone’s gastronomical preference. You can choose to sit close to your favourite stalls, although in general, most stalls will bring their dishes to you wherever you may be seated along the row. Tong Sui Kai is a fabulous one-stop dinner or supper destination especially if you are looking for variety, and some good old fashion tong sui to finish off your meal.

Here are some popular stalls:

Stall No. 18 Porridge stall with choice of mix pork innards (chee chap chuk), frog legs, fish or chicken. RM3.80 and above.

Stall No. 20Bakuteh Ipoh-style. Nice, strong herbal flavour to the soup. RM8.50.

Stall No. 21 –  A popular Tong Sui stall selling ice kacang with ice cream, nyonya kuih and a variety of dessert soups with options of sweet potato, sago, black bean, red bean, black sesame dessert and bubur cha cha.

Stall No. 25Kway Teow Mee stall selling kway teow soup noodles and authentic claypot noodles. RM4 and above.

Stall No. 32Fried Kway Teow and other noodles.  RM5 for a plate with egg, cockles and prawns.

Stall No. 40Chee Cheong Fun. Curry or mushroom sauce options with a variety of liew or yeong tau foo to choose from.  RM3 and above.

Stall No. 41 – Another popular Tong Sui stall.  Must-try dessert is their extra large mixed fruit and ice-cream served on shaved ice with rose syrup and milk. RM5 per bowl.

Stall No. 42 Pangkor Curry Noodles stall.  Curry noodles with long beans, large sized cockles, pork meat and skin. RM4.70 per bowl.

Stall No. 44Wonton Noodle stall.  Uses pork lardons in the preparation of the noodles. RM3/ RM3.70 (with char siew).

Stall No. 47 – Famous sisters’ Beef Noodles.  Well known for their springy beef balls and smooth kway teow noodles served in a tasty light broth.

Stalls No. 50-53 – A group of Malay stalls selling pasembor rojak, mee goreng, nasi lemak and drinks.  Situated nearest to the main road, Jalan Sultan Idris Shah.