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Trees along pedestrian walkway


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trees along pedestrian walkway

MBI has planted trees along the pedestrian walkway on many roads in the city centre. It is pleasant to see greenery in the midst of a concrete jungle. The trees with tall slender barks and different shapes of bushy tops look beautiful. It is nice to see real trees instead of planting plastic trees as was done previously in some areas.

These trees absorb carbon dioxide emissions from the vehicles and produce oxygen making the atmosphere healthy. They provide shade and also a place for birds to nest in the town area.

The trees especially in front of KFC in Jalan Dato Onn Jaafar have grown tall and are not only beautiful but also provide shade at the busy junction. Similar sites exist in a number of other areas.

The down side is that in a few of places, the height of the bush is very low and pedestrians have to be careful not to hurt their heads. One example is the tree in front of Kamdar Store on Jalan Raja Musa Aziz. There are also locations where the trees obstruct pedestrians from walking.

trees along pedestrian walkway

The trees are planted all over the city and I have just highlighted a couple of them which were brought to my attention. The idea is very good and appreciated by the residents. However, the Landscaping Department must inspect them and ensure they are properly maintained and safe for pedestrians to walk.

A. Jeyaraj