For the Community
• Provide Visibility to Ipoh and Perak
• Act as a platform for exchange of local information
• Address local issues
• Discussion board for local problems and suggest solutions
• Educating community in local history and heritage
• Lobby for improvement of quality of life
• Report and comment on Local Council and State Assembly policies and decisions
• Report and comment on other issues of public concern that affect the local community
• Report and comment on Conservation and environment issues
• Addressing social problems
• Promote investment
• Promote education
• Promote knowledge
• Promote Tourism

Of the Community
• Voice of NGOs
• Local Businesses
• Local Events
• Local Personalities and Obituaries
• Business organisations
• Associations and guilds
• Tourist destinations
• Human interest stories
• Local Ipoh food and restaurants
By the Community
• Editorial staff
• Letters to editor
• Stringers
• Guest journalists
• Leaders of the community
• NGO leaders
• Business organisation leaders

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