• Petty Theft Near Us

    Petty Theft Near Us

    You probably have heard of petty thefts involving your loved ones or, perhaps, experienced them firsthand.

  • Ipoh Railway Station: On the Right Track...

    Ipoh Railway Station: On The Right Track...

    The Electric Train Service (ETS) Ipoh-Kuala Lumpur has become very popular. This makes the Ipoh Railway Station crowded and busy every day.

  • Caring For the Environment

    Caring For The Environment

    Early this year, the Solid Waste Management and Public Cleansing Corporation (SWCorp Malaysia) released a shocking statistic of the amount of rubbish dumped by Malaysia every day.


  • Three In One

    Three In One

    I may not agree with the views of the group but isn’t the freedom to worship enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights?

  • How Irresponsible Can You Be?

    How Irresponsible Can You Be?

    Points are deducted when an offence is committed, the amount is contingent upon the severity of the infringement

  • Taking a Second Job

    Taking A Second Job

    In Ipoh, a family of three can survive comfortably with RM2000 a month but an extra mouth will place a damper on the bread winner.


  • SeeFoon is Lifted Up Up and Away

    SeeFoon Is Lifted Up Up And Away

    My first fish head curry on arriving in Ipoh more than 20 years ago was at the Up and Up restaurant on Jalan Yang Kalsom.

  • SeeFoon Feeds Her Love of Japanese Food

    SeeFoon Feeds Her Love Of Japanese Food

    The DOZO sign has been up for almost six months and each time I drive past DeGarden I make myself a promise to check it out as I love Japanese food. After all, what else could a more

  • SeeFoon Gets Sweet on Savoury

    SeeFoon Gets Sweet On Savoury

    It’s known as ‘Tong Sui Gai’ or sweet soup Street, a regular small thoroughfare by day which transforms into a veritable cornucopia of foodie delights by night. more