• Cover Story: A Festival of Many Firsts

    Cover Story: A Festival Of Many Firsts

      Story and pics by Tan Mei Kuan Kampar River Festival (KRF), Malaysia’s first international and largest white-water rafting event complete with global accreditations, more

  • Cover Story: Heritage/Cultural Associati...

    Cover Story: Heritage/Cultural Associati...

    Historically, Ipoh has been one of the cities in Malaysia where many associations were formed for the purpose of preserving one& more

  • What makes Ipoh Kueh Teow so Special

    What Makes Ipoh Kueh Teow So Special

    Ipoh has long been acknowledged to be the home of flat white noodles, more commonly known as hor fun in Cantonese or kway teow or spelt kueh teow in Hokkien. Flat rice noodles are more




  • On Ipoh Food: Yinzo Kopi

    On Ipoh Food: Yinzo Kopi

      SeeFoon snacks in cool comfort in Old Town By SeeFoon Chan-Koppen Everyone knows Sin Yoon Loong and its counterpart Nam Heong across the road. Here you’ll have to more

  • Little Village:  SeeFoon goes Pubbing

    Little Village: SeeFoon Goes Pubbing

      By SeeFoon Chan-Koppen Pubs used to have the most boring food. Some peanuts, a bowl of potato chips or other nibbles and that’s that. Today, with the competition more

  • The Museum:  SeeFoon Goes to a Museum

    The Museum: SeeFoon Goes To A Museum

      By SeeFoon Chan-Koppen First it was a pub, now it is a Chinese restaurant and still a pub. With a name like The Museum and the decor inside is plush red velvet upholstery more