• The Ipoh Renaissance - Old Town Out of C...

    The Ipoh Renaissance - Old Town Out Of C...

    Over the last three years or so, many international newspapers and magazines waxed lyrical about the Ipoh and how it was more

  • Ban Bad Straws

    Ban Bad Straws

      By Ili Aqilah Ipohites produced 500 to 520 tons of waste every day and the statistics will go up higher during festive seasons. The wastes comprise food, garden waste, more

  • What's Good in Kampar?

    What's Good In Kampar?

    Located just 38 kilometres away from Ipoh, it is believed that Kampar was founded in 1886 by Imam Prang Jabor at Keranji River.


  • Spread of Wahhabism

    Spread Of Wahhabism

    Professor Ahmad Fauzi Abdul Hamid of Universiti Sains Malaysia’s damning statement that Muslims in Malaysia are “slowly but surely becoming radicalised” should not be taken lightly.

  • MEET DATIN Jane Doe

    MEET DATIN Jane Doe

    It gets a little nauseating when these titled persons insist on being addressed perpetually with their titles.

  • Healthcare for Veterans

    Healthcare For Veterans

    The project would be a public-private partnership with the army providing the land and the private entity, the finance.