• Exploring Teluk Intan: Hidden and Go-to ...

    Exploring Teluk Intan: Hidden And Go-to ...

    Discover and rediscover Teluk Intan as we unveil the attractions ranging from the newest, the hidden as well as the go-to spots more

  • Sukma Games XIX 2018

    Sukma Games XIX 2018

    The Sukma Games (Sukan Malaysia, literally Malaysian Games) is a biannual national multi-sport event involving young athletes from the country’s 13-member states and Federal Territory.

  • Local Council Elections

    Local Council Elections

    Ahead of GE14, Pakatan Harapan (PH) made an unabashedly bold promise in their manifesto – to revive the now defunct local council elections.


  • Anwar's Dubious PD Move

    Anwar's Dubious PD Move

    The decision for Danyal to vacate his PD seat was orchestrated by some people with vested interest within PKR.

  • End of PH One Hundred Days

    End Of PH One Hundred Days

    Malaysians know the government cannot change a system so embedded in every layer of the society in just 100 days. More time is needed.  

  • The Week That Was

    The Week That Was

    The week-long session, August 6 to 13, had been cordial except for the many outbursts from both PH and BN assemblymen.