• Climate change and the hot news in Pasir Salak

    Climate Change And The Hot News In Pasir Salak

      Connexion By Joachim Ng Cool rainy days are likely to make you forget that just two months back Ipoh registered 36oC more

  • YOGA? You must be joking! (Part 2)

    YOGA? You Must Be Joking! (Part 2)

      By Dr Tan Chin Yong Contrary to popular belief, Yoga is not only for young ladies who are so flexible they can touch more

  • YOGA? You must be joking!

    YOGA? You Must Be Joking!

    That was my first reaction when my dear wife asked me to go for a private lesson in Yoga about two years ago. Me? I was past 50 years old then and stiff as a board!

  • Sensory Integration Workshop @ YSIS

    Sensory Integration Workshop @ YSIS

    Aimed to understand the effect of sensory processing difficulties in children with special needs, over 40 attended the all-day more

  • Therapeutic Touch

    Therapeutic Touch

    Therapeutic touch, one of many massage modalities, is an evidence-based approach combining skilled touch with compassionate presence to enhance quality of life for those in later more

  • Living One's Yoga Beyond the Mat

    Living One's Yoga Beyond The Mat

    Ipoh Echo had an exclusive one-on-one with Ipoh-born and raised Adelene Bik Yew Cheong, who recently conducted a two-hour more

  • Tung Xuan @ Meru Valley Resort

    Tung Xuan @ Meru Valley Resort

    Meru Valley Resort hosted the Tung Xuan Wellness Open Day 2017 for the first time on Saturday, July 22 featuring free demonstrations on the different types of massage services. more

  • The 3Rs of Wellness: Rejuvenation, Recalibration and Recharging

    The 3Rs Of Wellness: Rejuvenation, Recalibration And Recharging

    Healing Holiday is a health and wellness vacation programme with medical benefits incorporating both modern and traditional more

  • The Ameo Difference

    The Ameo Difference

    Because of the cell’s ability to self-duplicate, metabolise nutrients and carry out an independent life cycle, scientists have determined that the cell is the basic unit of more

  • Natural Health Revolution

    Natural Health Revolution

    Zija International led the natural health revolution at Meru Valley Resort on Tuesday, July 26 with its three top-range products: Core Moringa, Ameo Essential Oils and Ripstix more

  • Postcard from Shenzhen  Part 2

    Postcard From Shenzhen Part 2

    Shenzhen is probably the most liveable tier-1 city in China although this is not widely known. A city planned from ground zero more

  • Heal Yourself through the Power of Your Mind

    Heal Yourself Through The Power Of Your Mind

    “Too much information is confusing the people. We have 25 thoughts per minute. This can be reduced by meditation” more

  • SeeFoon checks out Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy

    SeeFoon Checks Out Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy

    I was expecting my head to be cradled and gently moved side to side as this was what I experienced in the two sessions of more

  • Bioresonance Therapy

    Bioresonance Therapy

    Wong Jia Jian, a 13-year-old male student in Ipoh, is living testimony to the fact that BRT or Bioresonance therapy really works despite scepticism as to how it can. This more

  • BRT  The Gentle Path to Wellness (Part 4)

    BRT The Gentle Path To Wellness (Part 4)

    Speaking to my physician about yet another urinary tract infection (UTI) just before I sat down to write this, he was surprised more

  • Our Invisible Doctor

    Our Invisible Doctor

    “We can heal ourselves by connecting to our invisible doctor.” This is the message given by Nunnapatt Sucharit, Natural Healer from Thailand during her talk on ‘ more

  • BRT  The Gentle Path to Wellness (Part 3)

    BRT The Gentle Path To Wellness (Part 3)

    SeeFoon Chan-Koppen continues her exploration of Bioresonance Therapy (BRT) with a report on her ongoing sessions and own more

  • Mindfulness Yoga

    Mindfulness Yoga

    I have practiced Yoga on and off throughout my life and when I moved to Ipoh, I thought I would do the same and set about looking for a yoga class to join. My research took me to more

  • BRT  The Gentle Path to Wellness (Part 2)

    BRT The Gentle Path To Wellness (Part 2)

    By SeeFoon Chan-Koppen SeeFoon Chan-Koppen continues her exploration of Bioresonance Therapy (BRT) with a report on her own more

  • BRT  The Gentle Path to Wellness

    BRT The Gentle Path To Wellness

    Remember Dr McCoy in the hit series Star Trek with his machines that can diagnose and treat all the people on the Starship more

  • Complementary  Therapy

    Complementary Therapy

    TCM, Reiki, Phytobiophysics, Fast Track and Emotional Freedom Technique, Ayurveda, Karuna, Ki, Sufi, Pranic and Sound Healing. One hears these terms being bandied around as more more