• Hawker Food: Popiah

    Hawker Food: Popiah

      One of the best Popiah in Ipoh. The father used to sell in a stall by the road along Jalan Keliling, Canning Garden. After his passing, the son inherited the legacy of sell...read more

  • Hawker Food:  Lou Mei

    Hawker Food: Lou Mei

      Hawker Food By Jack Foo The chicken is juicy and succulent, and prepared to a perfectly smooth texture. In fact, the skin of the chicken is so smooth it literally slide...read more

  • Tasty Noodle House

    Tasty Noodle House

    Springy, al dente noodles freshly rolled out and cut right in front of you, either in a fragrant ikanbilisbroth flecked with leafy greens and topped with crispy ikanbilis; or if yo...read more

  • Konlou Meen

    Konlou Meen

      Our new breakfast spot, Hong Hin. Their Dry Noodles (konloumeen) has no lard, looks basic but the taste is explosively flavourful. Same goes for their yeongliu, no pork b...read more

  • Hawker Food: Ikan Bakar

    Hawker Food: Ikan Bakar

      Where else do you go for Ikan Bakar/Grilled Fish? This is the place that registers in our mind when we want something flavourful, sour, spicy, but not heavy. Their &lsquo...read more

  • Hawker Food: Congee

    Hawker Food: Congee

    The way Porridge or congee is still done in Ipoh is by mixing blanched pig offal with chopped fried intestines, drizzled with garlic oil.

  • Greentown Corner

    Greentown Corner

    There are not many coffee shops where almost every food stall is good – at most you’ll only find three or four. Greentown Corner is one such place. One is spoilt for ch...read more

  • Aker Restaurant Sdn Bhd

    Aker Restaurant Sdn Bhd

    Hawker Food By VWSL & Wern Sze Gill If one is not familiar with this area (Taman Mas), one could easily miss this food court. Hidden behind bamboo plants, even the name doe...read more

  • Restoran Hui Wei Chai Can Shi

    Restoran Hui Wei Chai Can Shi

    Hui Wei Chai Can Shi or Hui Wei kopitiam, occupies a double shop lot in the midst of a housing estate, operates from morning to night but not all the stalls are open the whole day.

  • Restoran Kim Bo

    Restoran Kim Bo

    Located on busy Jalan Kuala Kangsar in a double shop lot is Restoran Kim Bo – a coffee shop which has about seven food stalls.

  • Next Food Avenue @ Ipoh Parade

    Next Food Avenue @ Ipoh Parade

    Ipoh Parade, one of Ipoh’s largest shopping mall destinations, has been undergoing a series of renovations lately, and we are pleased to reveal that one of its recently compl...read more