• Have the Big Fish Slipped Through the Net?

    Have The Big Fish Slipped Through The Net?

    In 2015, the exposé of a Royal Malaysian Navy (RMN) corruption scandal, involving the procurement of goods from the Depot more

  • An Online Movement to Support Working Mothers

    An Online Movement To Support Working Mothers

    Working mothers are often frustrated by the lack of support, when taking care of their children. A number of mothers are forced more

  • I Married an African

    I Married An African

    By Mariam Mokhtar Not all Africans are bad, as many Malaysians will attest, although you occasionally hear disturbing stories about the activities of Africans studying at private more

  • Does Perak Need Another University?

    Does Perak Need Another University?

    Should we be rejoicing that Perak has another university? Some of you might ask, "Do we really need another university or should more

  • Stairway to Injury

    Stairway To Injury

    In early February this year, the Director-General of the Department of Occupational Health and Safety (DOSH), Ir. Mohtar Musri, told "The SunDaily", that between 2011 and May 2015, more

  • The Tribulations of Hosting a Child's Party

    The Tribulations Of Hosting A Child's Party

    Organising a child's birthday party used to be simple. The party was held at home and the mother had as much fun planning the more

  • Before 1Malaysia, there was Yasmin Ahmad

    Before 1Malaysia, There Was Yasmin Ahmad

    Just before Merdeka, and major festivals, like Chinese New Year, Deepavali or Hari Raya, all Malaysians used to look forward to a Yasmin Ahmad commercial.

  • Water, Water Everywhere

    Water, Water Everywhere

    Somewhere, on the ground floor of the Perak Tourist Board in Ipoh, is a grainy black and white photo of the Great Ipoh Flood. If memory serves me right, the photo was taken around 1924.

  • Don't want to pay the toll? Then, wake-up early!

    Don't Want To Pay The Toll? Then, Wake-up Early!

    Far from understanding the woes and suffering of the ordinary rakyat, one minister has asked citizens who refuse to pay the toll, more

  • The Busy Cook's Cheats

    The Busy Cook's Cheats

    Thinking Allowed By Mariam Mokhtar Do you feel guilty when you cheat at cooking? Of course not! You're a working mother and time is precious. With GST and increasing prices, you more

  • Controlling Your Anger

    Controlling Your Anger

    Thinking Allowed By Mariam Mokhtar Anger is an emotion which we all feel from time to time. The person who drives into your parking spot, just as you are carefully reversing more

  • 前pen Houses' are a Great Show of Unity

    前pen Houses' Are A Great Show Of Unity

    Contrary to popular opinion, the cost of hosting the ‘Open House’ is not borne by the politician, but is paid for by more

  • Ruth's Labour of Love

    Ruth's Labour Of Love

    Thinking Allowed By Mariam Mokhtar In 2009, Ruth Iversen Rollitt, the daughter of one of Malaya’s most distinguished architects, Berthel Michael Iversen, was in Ipoh more

  • What Happened to Civic Mindedness?

    What Happened To Civic Mindedness?

    Nursyuhada Johari, a 20-year-old student at the UiTM Permatang Pauh campus died after her throat was slashed by a 25-year-old more

  • Protect the Children from Paedophiles

    Protect The Children From Paedophiles

    It is very hard to convince people that children are more likely to suffer sexual abuse from the people whom they trust, such as more

  • Will we now respect the environment?

    Will We Now Respect The Environment?

    The floods are an annual occurrence, so if we are taken unawares, we need only blame ourselves for lacking preparation. Some more

  • A Man's View

    A Man's View

    Many women think that events which highlight violence against women, are poorly attended by men. Someone who is experienced in women’s rights issues said, “At talks more

  • Would you allow your underage daughter to get married?

    Would You Allow Your Underage Daughter To Get Married?

    From time to time, stories about child marriages will emerge and the details will doubtless shock you. A few months ago, a rapist more

  • UPSR  A Lesson in Cheating

    UPSR A Lesson In Cheating

    The integrity of our education system is as stake. If we are to continue having the best education system in the world, the systemic leakage of examination papers must be stopped. more

  • Let the plants do the talking

    Let The Plants Do The Talking

    Thinking Allowed By Mariam Mokhtar You are a keen gardener but the soil in your garden is of poor quality. Fertiliser cannot work wonders and you can’t afford to keep more

  • From Parit to Paris

    From Parit To Paris

    Thinking Allowed By Mariam Mokhtar Nurul Hana Jamaludin pinched herself as she gazed at the Eiffel Tower, lit like a Christmas tree, against the night sky and said, “When more

  • Stop Killing a Major Tourist Attraction

    Stop Killing A Major Tourist Attraction

    As any keen birdwatcher will tell you, the Kuala Gula Bird Sanctuary, which was established by the Wildlife and National Parks in more

  • When Water Becomes More Expensive Than Petrol

    When Water Becomes More Expensive Than Petrol

    Not many people are aware that water, can be more expensive than petrol. Just ask the people in some parts of Selangor, or the more

  • A Sporting Challenge

    A Sporting Challenge

    Perak needs more women in public life, and it is encouraging to see more women taking an active role in the development of the physical and mental health of our youth.

  • Why would you eat in a dirty restaurant?

    Why Would You Eat In A Dirty Restaurant?

    Do Malaysians really care about dirty restaurants or are they more interested in the taste of the food? We complain about dirty more

  • Ipoh's Reputation Trashed

    Ipoh's Reputation Trashed

    Last March, Ipoh Mayor Dato’ Roshidi Hashim, said that the Ipoh City Council (MBI) was hoping to achieve an 80 per cent level of cleanliness in the city by August. It is now November...

  • Boy Has Lucky Escape

    Boy Has Lucky Escape

    Mohd Amar Mohd Aziz, a ten-year-old primary schoolboy from Sekolah Kebangsaan Belanga, in Parit had a lucky escape after being shot by a police sergeant on Monday October 14.

  • Birds Foul-Up Clear Vision

    Birds Foul-Up Clear Vision

    Malaysians are aware that the use of CCTVs has taken off in Malaysia. The idea is to reduce our dependency on security guards, because of problems in finding suitable and responsible workers.

  • Is This Possible?

    Is This Possible?

    Thinking Allowed By Mariam Mokhtar At the first, post-General Election 13, state assembly sitting last month, Menteri Besar Dato’ Seri DiRaja Zambry Abd Kadir, announced more