Appalling Lack of Management at RPGC

On Sunday June 17, my family and I went to Barossa Fine Dining Restaurant located at the Perak Royal Golf Club at Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah to celebrate Father’s Day.
All five of us, including a 2-year-old child, entered the lift located at the ground floor when suddenly the lift jolted and stopped abruptly.
We pressed the alarm frantically but there was no response nor help coming through. It was fortunate that I had the Barossa Restaurant’s number. I called and the person who answered the call seemed not to understand the situation or simply could not understand basic English. She said she did not have the receptionist’s number and would try to pass the message as they were busy attending to their customers in the restaurant.
We waited 20 minutes but there was no sign of any footsteps rushing nor any voices to be heard. My mother, a 67-year-old woman fainted as she could not stand the stuffiness and the lack of ventilation in the lift. My father also started to show some signs of fainting as he  had just undergone his angioplasty; as did my two year old niece who started to fidget and was showing some signs of fainting as well. Luckily, my younger brother, who is a doctor, managed to navigate the situation as well as he could.
I started frantically pressing the bell again and called up the restaurant to know if help was coming. After several rings, the same person, who happens to be the restaurant manager said she had already sent someone to alert the receptionist and ask her to call the maintenance  person.  The ridiculous thing is, she did not even bother to call back or to  rush down, which is only one flight of stairs; or at least send someone down to check on the situation. Talk about a lack of  humanitarian feeling! Eventually, my father who was feeling breathless called up and she gave the maintenance person’s number. My dad called and he said that he was outside and will be there shortly.
We were trapped for 45 minutes and it was starting to get hotter and stuffier inside the cubicle. The maintenance guy never came and after much banging on the lift doors, we managed to get the attention of some patrons who coincidentally were heading to the restaurant. I think they alerted the security guard and they came and managed to pry open the lift doors. We were, to be exact, stuck in the lift for almost an hour.  We carried my mom out to the lounge and gave her a glass of water as well as a plastic bag in case she threw up.
The maintenance officer did not bother to come out of her office nor to inquire about the incident. The receptionist said that she went out. I am amazed actually to know that such a prestigious place, frequented by diplomats and VIPs, they have shoddy maintenance services and a complete lack of management ethics. To date there has been no apology whatsoever.
A friend of my dad who happens to be a member of the club as well as a prominent lawyer, came over there to celebrate Father’s Day as well. He was shocked to hear of the near fatality and immediately got a complaint form filled out.
I shudder to think of the consequences and the manner in which the situation was dealt  with.  I don’t think I will ever recommend the Royal Perak Golf Club to anyone as I fear that they might have more deaths compared to members.
Priya Vivek

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