Activities in Pangkor Island That You Must Try!

Jungle trekking is fun but it’s even more intense when you start revving up the engine of a powerful machine to take on the wilderness on wheels; taking you to a whole different, spine-tingling, level of thrill.

The all-terrain-vehicle, generally known to us as the ATV, is an off-road vehicle similar to a car but works like a motorcycle. Riding an ATV is something that should be on the wishlist of many thrill seekers and it’s a fantasy that can be fulfilled.

There is a real buzz about the jaunty eagerness that is the ATV. Expect the unexpected and just take in the excitement of the journey. Gear up before rolling into the forest as the perilous undertaking involves a series of bumpy rides, with muddy paths coming into your way.

Steering down the seemingly impossible, you will come across roots, thick and gnarled on the surface of the ground, and potholes covered in mud ranging from size S to L but you will find thrill in overcoming these obstacles.

The terrain would give many first-timers the fright of their lives, fretting that the vehicle will flip over, especially during the sudden swerves that are strewn throughout the course as they also attempt to avoid any and all collisions with the trees and branches.

For those who harbour the Formula One World Champion, Max Verstappen vision, this is the right place to fulfill your ambition.

If you think you can do this alone, go for the single rider, priced at RM150. Or if you want someone to share the apprehension with, take the double rider for RM180 (RM90 per person). Do your booking with ATV Adventure Pangkor at 011-11469539. Take a peek at the videos uploaded by previous riders to mentally gird your loins for the challenge.

There is more to the fun on Pangkor Island than meets the eye. Chilling by the beach and having dinner overlooking the sea is a leisurely experience but as one who enjoys the sea, trying out new activities is on the cards for me.

Up for some water games?

Besides ATV, snorkelling also gives you a rush of adrenaline, another plus for adventure junkies. The water activities are offered by many operators along the beach. You can do a quick survey before visiting the island to score the best deal for your budget. Make your reservation with Tatami Hotel at 017-5698172 which allows you to rent a boat for a package of island hopping and snorkelling for only RM300, and can accommodate up to eight pax.

Island hopping takes you to the other side of the beach, and lets you indulge in the Pangkor Laut Resort up close. The magnificent view of the sea is a feast for the eyes.

Our warm and hospitable tour guide, whom we called Abang turned the twenty-minute boat ride into a memorable experience as he shared his observations of the rocks to the hordes of clueless sightseers.

We came across rock formations in the sea that took the shape of different animal figures, such as turtles, an elephant, a crocodile head and even an apple with a thin branch growing upward, depicting a stem.

an apple (top) and a turtle (below), photo credit Kourtney

Have a hankering to snorkel but afraid to get down into the water? 

It’s completely safe for non-swimmers as your life jacket will keep you afloat. The only thing you need to let go of is your fear of water. To prevent yourself from tilting left and right, flap your arms in unison to keep balance or just stay still. Move your arms in an outward circular motion if you want to get from one point to another.

Goggles are given to you upon going on board, although snorkels are not provided for hygiene purposes. However, you can still go in without wearing them, just dunk your head in and come back up for some air.

Keep in mind that fishes are for the eyes and not the hands, so don’t try to catch them as the grease and bacteria on your hands can be dangerous to them.

How to get there?

Hop on the bus at Terminal Amanjaya or take a drive to the jetty, depending on where you are, the span of the journey varies. Departing from Ipoh takes roughly one hour and forty-five minutes. Leave your car at the jetty for a fee of RM20 per day.

You can opt to either take the ferry in Lumut Jetty or Marina Island. Grab your ticket online or at the ticketing counter, where to and fro Pangkor Island from Marina Jetty cost about RM10.80 per trip for each person.

While waiting to board the ferry, you can kill time with your friends at the insta-worthy spots at the jetty; the rainbow and infinity stairs facing the sea. Or take a rest at the waiting area before checking in to preserve some energy for the adventures ahead.

Please take care of your belongings and be mindful of the SOPs.

Gisele Soo

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