Perak Homestay Association Offers Attractive Packages for Visit Perak 2024

By: Rosli Mansor and Ahmad Razali

Ipoh: In welcoming Visit Perak 2024, both domestic and international tourists now have a unique option to stay in either a homestay or ‘kampungstay’.

The Chairperson of the Perak Homestay Association, Noradidah Mokhtar, explained that ‘homestay’ and ‘kampungstay’ products are two accommodation choices that provide a unique village life experience for travelers.

“While both focus on introducing local culture and lifestyles, there are some differences between homestay and kampungstay,” she said.

According to her, homestay guests are provided with private rooms and stay with the host family to experience a family lifestyle, while kampungstay provides a house within a village equipped with furniture and basic facilities without residing with the host family.

Noradidah further explained the provided activities are similar according to the offered package. In summary, if travelers want to spend more time with their own family, kampungstay is the right choice.

In conjunction with Visit Perak 2024, the Perak Homestay Association offers various exciting activities through appealing and affordable packages.

She stated, ten kampungs under Homestay Perak offer a variety of exciting activities to visitors. Each village has different activities according to its cultural heritage, including food, arts, lifestyles, and local economies.

“This is the uniqueness of homestays in the state of Perak. Visitors can personally experience the diversity of these homestay tourism products.

‘We also provide additional packages, such as outdoor activities like ATV rides, hill trekking, traditional cooking, camping, and more,” added Noradidah.

At the same time, Noradidah also hopes that the Tourism Exco, YB Loh Sze Yee, can spare some time to personally experience the homestay activities offered.

“This is our show of support to the state government through Tourism Perak for Visit Perak 2024. We also hope YB Loh can spend time with us. We want to introduce various traditional Malay food dishes, cultural performances, handicrafts, and more.

“We also want to share concerns about the limited allocation for promotional activities and works. Previously, all homestay entrepreneurs under our association received an incentive of RM10,000 to carry out programs, but now, this incentive has been discontinued,” she said.

For more information on homestay packages, interested parties can contact Mak Jang at 012 506 0700 or Tok Anjang at 019 590 0077.

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