Double Standards Claim


Lorry operators claim JPJ practices double standards.

A group of 22-tyre-lorry operators have complained that the Ministry of Transport and JPJ are practicing double standards.

At a press conference coordinated by Dato’ Lee Kon Yin, the BN Service Centre Chairman, the group led by  spokesman Jaswant Singh Sadu, stated that the JPJ guideline for the maximum carry weight for a 22-tyre trailer is 44 tonnes whereas the technical specifications allow for a maximum weight of 66 tonnes.

However, Jaswant claims that certain operators operating similar trailers were given approval for a maximum carry weight of 60 tonnes, granted by the Technical Section of the Road Transport Department. These approvals are granted only for transporting steel coil cargo but Jaswant claims that this was being abused and operators with the higher approved carry weight were carrying general cargo thus taking away their business.

The group wants an explanation on why there are two approved weights for the same type of trailers.

Another member of the group, Tiong Kik Ling claimed that he had brought this matter up with the Minister of Transport, Ong Tee Keat, twice this year since March..The goal of the group is to obtain approval for 66 tonnes per vehicle as per technical specifications or have a standard approved weight for all vehicles of similar specification. Dato’ Lee told the media that he would be bringing this issue up with Dato’ Ong Tee Keat.