A New Heart for the New Year


(Pantai Hosp.)

Mr. Then Tad Choy suffers from a heart condition and wanted to lead a healthy life. The 56-year-old, a poor unlicensed hawker from Simpang Pulai, Kampung Kepayang, is also diagnosed with having diabetes and hypertension. Mr. Then could not afford to pay for cost of the heart surgery. With very little income the whole family lives at Mr. Then’s father’s dilapidated house. Their combined income is less than RM2,000.

Left to right – Dr. Philip Ho, Cardiologist, Mr. Then Tad Choy & wife & Dr. Ulf Farid

His wife Madam Kang Chew Ching, 49, is a housewife and their children Then Chin Yin, 23, and Then Chin Yew, 20, can only afford to contribute RM200 a month. The eldest son works as a construction worker and the other works in an amusement centre. Mr. Then has an 18-year-old daughter, Then Qu Yan who has just completed her Form 5 studies at SMJK Perak Girl’s School. She is currently jobless and wishes to pursue her studies in Law or Medicine. Due to his dire need of medical attention his wife, Madam Kang Chew Ching had to borrow from their relatives to support his medical expenses.


Mr. Then’s plight for heart surgery was brought to the attention of Pantai Hospital Ipoh (PHI). On 26th January 2010, Mr. Then underwent a successful Coronary Artery Bypass Graft operation performed by Dr. Ulf Farid Myrhe, Pantai Hospital Ipoh’s Consultant Cardiothoracic Surgeon. Mr. Then was chosen due to the urgency of his condition and family situation. The surgery lasted for about 4 hours and has since given a new lease of life to Mr. Then. His condition is now very stable and he feels much better than before the operation. Mr. Then was most grateful to Pantai Hospital Ipoh whose intervention had brought him back from the brink of imminent death.

The Coronary Artery Bypass operation performed by Dr. Farid is one that is routinely done in the hospital. Using a heart lung machine to assist, arteries were used instead of veins for better long term function, the harvesting of which was done endoscopically (using video camera and a scope) using a small incision 3-5 cm to get the vessel to be used for bypass. An intra aortic balloon pump was used in this case to support the heart in Mr. Then who was a high risk patient.

Other  procedures routinely carried out by Dr. Farid on other patients include repair of leaky or narrowed mitral and tricuspid heart valve, surgery to cure atrial fibrillation, (most common cause of stroke in society), using radiofrequency generator to align the correct electrical pathway through the heart, left Ventricular Remodelling surgery for heart failure after previous big heart attacks, surgery for dilating major blood vessels and video-assisted surgery for lung disease, making only small keyholes in the chest.

Non-invasive cardiac procedures available at Pantai Hospital Ipoh include echocardiogram, Stress Echo, Dobutamine Stress Echo, 24-hour holter monitoring, treadmill stress test and 24-hours ambulatory blood pressure monitoring.

Dr. Dilshaad Ali, CEO of Pantai Hospital Ipoh said, “It is our hope that we help Mr. Then improve his life and also assist him in his future by helping him obtain a hawker’s licence from the relevant authorities. This will hopefully help Mr. Then get back on his feet and continue to lead a better life”. He continued, “It has always been PHI’s commitment to give back and reach out to the community as part of our Corporate Social Responsibility efforts. Being a socially responsible healthcare provider is one of the main objectives of PHI and the Pantai Group”.

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  1. May I know who are the personnel performing non-invasive cardiac procedures at Pantai Hospital Ipoh? Such as echocardiogram, Stress Echo, Dobutamine Stress Echo,etc.

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