Ipoh Heritage Walk

Heritage Trail Map 1

About 120 Ipohites from the private and public sectors involved in promoting Ipoh as a tourist destination will be participating in a familiarity tour of a portion of Ipoh City on April 25.

The tour, commencing at the Ipoh Town Hall at 8.00 a.m., will visit a total of 24 heritage buildings located within the perimeter of Club Road (Jalan Dato’ Panglima Bukit Gantang Wahab), Post Office Road (Jalan Dewan), Clayton Road (Jalan S.P. Seenivasagam) and Belfield Street (Jalan Sultan Yussuf).

The event, jointly organised by the Perak Tourism Association and Tourism Malaysia, will launch the Ipoh Heritage Trail Map 1 that covers the North-Western portion of Ipoh Inner City. Produced by Kinta Heritage Sdn Bhd, this map represents the first of four that together will cover the whole of the Old City centre. This and the other maps to follow are intended to be used as tools to encourage tourists to visit Ipoh’s heritage sites.

The organisers, recognising the need for those involved in promoting tourist attractions to be very well informed of the products they promote, will during the tour provide an in-depth briefing of the history and architecture of each of the heritage buildings and the locality.

8 thoughts on “Ipoh Heritage Walk

  1. ipohWorld – “Add to that the ongoing work for the riverside project and it really is not a place to advertise our heritage any more.”

    All the more reason to have the destruction of the banks of Sg. Kinta stopped. It this not our heritage too or would you prefer to close your eyes to the wanton tasteless pieces of poorly designed and built structures tainting a wonderful piece of nature within a city. Huge trees have been felled, the river is losing its character.

    Oops…hhmmmm Kinta Heritage Sdn. Bhd. ehh ? OK I see……$$$$$$$ ok ok I’ll just my retirement plan elsewhere now.

  2. As we do from time to time we repeated the walk this morning with overseas visitors. Readers of this set of comments may like to see our comments made immediately before this one relating to the Birch Clock Tower.

    For the question about the river, have you seen it recently? Litter under the Birch Bridge and along the banks, Hugh Low Street Bridge being replaced, lorries, cranes and more heavy vehicles permanently parked alongside the bank at the top of Market Street and beyond, broken public seating and a deteriorating People’s Park (said to be part of the beautification of the river). Add to that the ongoing work for the riverside project and it really is not a place to advertise our heritage any more.

  3. Thank u PTA for the Ipoh heritage walk, I sort of enjoyed the tour. Some observations, the pathway needs to be improved. Some of the sites are dirty, thought Ipoh was a clean town. Birch Memorial Clock Tower is not so clean, the mother bell does not all chime, otherwise
    we can tune to the Big Ben of London.
    The legendary tunnel under the Ipoh Town Hall, should be made as a historical trial tunnel and be open to the public. An occasional peep at the back lanes made the walk interesting too. Finally, for Zam, I believe u can perfectly do some positive moves to upkeep the history and all the heritage buildings. Thank u sir.

  4. Sg. Kinta has again been left out of Ipoh’s heritage. Perhaps next time.

    I would have thought the river would have been one of the prime vistas for walkabout in Ipoh Town.

    Guess heritage appreciation seems to be for man made objects.

  5. Members of the public who wish to participate need to register with PTA.

    Please call Encik Odzman (Chairman PTA) at 012-5186070 for invitation.

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