Jalan Panglima


Behind The Street Names

By Yeun Yin Fong

Which Street?

Jalan Panglima (one of the streets in the middle of Old Town)

Who was Panglima?

Datoh Panglima Kinta Muhammad Yusuff was the territorial chief of Kinta. He was the tenth Datoh Panglima Kinta. Datoh Panglima Kinta Muhammad Yusuff transformed Ipoh from a small village into the largest town in Kinta Valley throughout his career from 1884 until his death in 1903.

He left a great legacy of his life in Ipoh by erecting the Panglima Mosque, by the river.

Mohd Eusoff bin Mohd. Yusuff was born in Ipoh in 1897. He received his early education in Anderson School (Ipoh). He had served as an assistant collector of land revenue in Kinta, an Ipoh magistrate and the assistant commissioner for co-operative development. He was also installed as the fourteenth Datoh Panglima Kinta in 1951.

Mohd Eusoff was closely involved with the administration of Ipoh and Perak in various capacities, such as, Perak State Council member in 1952 and a member of Ipoh Town Board in 1953. Besides that, he was the President of the All-Malaya Muslim Missionary Society and was nominated as the first representative of the Orang Asli in the Malayan government. By shunning politics, he devoted himself into public service organisations, of which he held no less than 56 appointments by the time of his death, just before Merdeka (Independence) in August 1957.

Did You Know?

Mohd Eusoff was the first Malay to be made President of the Ipoh Rotary Club and elected District Governor of Rotary International, District 330, for 1951/52.