Paying Back To Society


Most impoverished residents in Batu Gajah, needing a hearty lunch, know where to go. They would not be turned away with an empty stomach.

Irrespective of race or religion, they could just walk into a private medical clinic in the town and have their lunch for free.

A husband-wife team, both doctors, have been providing lunch daily to whoever came in for the last four years. They have partitioned part of their clinic and turned it into a dining hall, where lunch is served every afternoon, except on Fridays and Sundays. At times, the doctors would even personally serve those who walked in.

This inspiring story came to light after one of our readers brought it to our attention. “They want to remain in low profile”, said the reader. After some persuasion and an assurance that their names would not be revealed, the doctors agreed to have the story written.

When asked why he and his wife are feeding the poor, the doctor said that he comes from a poor family and knows what poverty is. “Now that I have come up in life, I want to pay back to society in this way”, explained the humble doctor.

On an average, about 30 people would come for lunch daily. Sometimes more, but no one would be turned away. If there was insufficient food, they would buy from a nearby restaurant.

Vegetarian food is served on Tuesdays and Saturdays and meat on other days. Lunch consists of a main dish, curry, vegetable and mooru (butter milk) for drink. Only one serving of meat is given, but extra rice and vegetable are provided. He has employed a cook to prepare the food in his house.

Drug addicts and drunkards do turn up and he has no problem with them. Mostly Indians come, however, Chinese and Malays also come regularly.

He has set up a code of conduct; no one must talk in the dining hall.

The day I visited the clinic, the menu was chicken in thick gravy and cabbage. I had lunch and the chicken was tender and tasty with the right amount of ingredients and the curry was of proper texture. Definitely the food tasted better than that served in restaurants in the town.

The doctor does not accept cash donation, however, people do offer rice. He does not mind well wishers bringing some cooked food. People come to know about his service through word of mouth.

A weekly allowance is also distributed to selected people, who do not have any means of income.

Their “Good Samaritan’” contribution to the community is a reflection of what 1Malaysia is about.

A. Jeyaraj

6 thoughts on “Paying Back To Society

  1. Every citizen should give back to the society.
    This will eventually lead to eradication
    of alot of problems being faced by the society.

    “Every good act is charity. A man’s true wealth hereafter is the good that he does in this world to his fellows.”

  2. Great article. Thank you for highlighting this. It takes a lot of effort to come forward and help the needy.

  3. Kudus to the husband and wife team for their noble act.
    Truly, nowadays, very few people sincerely care for
    another human being. Human existence is merely self-
    centered. But both of u have made the best of your
    lives. A happy and contented life is only attained when
    one overcomes selfishness and develops goodwill,
    understanding and benevolence. Hope more people will
    join your mission and extend goodwill to all mankind.

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