Clay-pot Chicken Rice


Having five pots on a stove cooking at the same time is no easy feat. What more if one has 10 to 20 pots? That’s just how many a clay-pot chicken rice stall has! The good ones cook on earthenware charcoal stoves which have to be constantly monitored. The cook is often seen fanning and poking at the fires and juggling pots around. What appears to be a chaotic way of cooking, results in an absolutely fabulous smoky-flavoureds dish of rice and tender pieces of chicken marinated with salt, sesame oil, oyster sauce, dark sauce, corn starch and ginger juice all brought to a boil in a covered clay pot. Salted fish and Chinese sausage (lap cheong) give added flavour. The rice is very tasty having absorbed the marinade sauce. The dish is given a good stir and garnished with shallot crisps & spring onions just before serving. All the stalls listed below only open late evening.

Closed on Wednesdays
Anika Selera (Gourmet Sq), Ipoh Garden. Very flavourful; chicken and Chinese sausage tender; serving just right. S – 4.80
M – 7.00
B – 9.00
Mondays closed
Jalan Queen (opposite the Pasir Pinji wet market). Flavourful with slight taste of salted fish; chicken bits tender. S – 5.00
B – 9.00
TEOH KEE CLAYPOT RICE GP (Golden Point) Food Court, No 1 Off Jln Ng Seong Teik, First Garden. Tasty and has sufficient amounts of ingredients. One size only. 4.80 3
NASI AYAM CLAYPOT TEN K (a branch of Bercham)
Closed on Thursdays
55-57 Jln Medan Ipoh 2, Bandar Baru Medan Ipoh. Tasty but not much flavour of salted fish. S – 5.50
B – 11.00

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  1. To inform you that others than the few chicken claypot rice as above, there is one more at Taman Ramai, Berchan ( Located at next to Caltex Station at Taman Ramai after Bercham Police Station – Restoren Taman Ramai – NO: 463-465 ) The claypot rice and claypot low see fun is really very good amount the best of all those shops. Understand that is the best in part of Malaysia and had been invited as one of the best top 10 foods from Malaysia to Singapore Resort World and opening in 2011. Also, had been selected one of the best of 4 foods outlets from Bercham by “The Star” and in the book “Perak Good Food Guide” at page 78. There is also a outlet at Puchong at Bandar Puteri “L’sy-pot” GO to try once than only you know how good is its.

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