Kak Kiah Sits Easy


Zakaiah Shabuddin or Kak Kiah, 58, to her neighbours, heaved a sigh of relief when approached by Ipoh Echo recently.  She no longer picks pucuk paku (fern shoots) for a living. Standing proudly in front of her new house, Kak Kiah smiled when her snapshots were taken. The house was a gift from her generous neighbour, who apportioned her own land and acquired timber for the project. “It’s unbelievable. Allah is great. He has answered my prayers”, she exclaimed. “A special thanks for Ipoh Echo for highlighting my plight.” Her story appeared in Ipoh Echo Issue 52. She recounted the numerous calls made by well-wishers from as far away as Kuala Lumpur who sought her out bearing gifts, food and money after reading her story. “It’s a miracle!”