ISH Football Fever


Football fever has not only affected the ordinary man in the streets but corporations in the city. One such victim was the Ipoh Specialist Hospital (ISH). The first floor of the hospital had been turned into a gallery for football aficionados complete with a replica of the World Cup trophy, flags, colours and information on all 32 teams participating in South Africa. Along with these was a giant TV screen for the convenience of those who wished to keep themselves updated and entertained. The atmosphere and mood of the greatest game on Earth was encapsulated within the confines of the floor.

“Staff, both nonmedical and consultants, partook in this month-long competition entitled, ‘My Team is the Champion’”, said Ahmad Nasirruddin Harun, the CEO, to Ipoh Echo. “There are 723 administrative staff and 55 doctors on our list. They donned jerseys of teams of their choice.” A huge hamper awaited the winners. The hamper was on display on the floor for all to see.”

Visitors got to enjoy the ambience and had a go at a game of football from the many tables available. Response from the public was encouraging, as many were seen milling around their favourite teams. “It’s our contribution to the game which has a huge following worldwide”, Nasirruddin remarked.

ISH supports sports and teamwork and they have teams for various sports, like, football, badminton, etc. The hospital takes part in friendly matches, one of which was with TNB, and also in the KPJ Sports Carnival whereby 20 hospitals participate.