Guests from Fukuoka


For these ten Japanese students from Fukuoka their one-week stint in Ipoh was an eye-opener. They were here as guests of MBI since Fukuoka is Ipoh’s twin city. Although their stay was short they took the opportunity to savour all they could about Malaysians, especially the lifestyle of Perakeans. “One experience we can never forget is the field trip we made to Batu Gajah, Taiping, Kuala Kangsar, Chemor and areas surrounding the city. We thoroughly enjoyed the outing and the local dishes we sampled were simply delicious”, said Yoshimichi Kusake in flawless Bahasa Malaysia. Yoshimichi was the team’s spokesman. The students were treated to dinner hosted by Dato’ Abdul Rahim Mat Arif, Secretary of Ipoh City Council at the council building on Sunday, August 8. They were on their final leg of their visit to Ipoh.