No End to Housing Woes


I am one of the 26 unfortunate souls who are unable to realise our dreams of seeing our house in full view. Ten years ago my husband and I signed a sale and purchase agreement with the developer who undertook the Taman Perpaduan Permai housing project in Bercham. The house was in our son’s name. The agreement stipulated that the house we purchased and paid for with a bank loan would be ready within a fix period of time. However, this promise was not honoured, as the developer had problems fulfilling its financial obligations and finally winded down. The project was subsequently abandoned and we buyers were left in a lurch.

Jabatan Perumahan Negara took stock of the problem and a new developer was identified to continue with the project. Recently, I received a letter from the lawyers of the new developer stating that the stalled project would be revived post haste. The fact that the 26 houses in question would be completed was well received by us. Our happiness, however, was short-lived. In the same letter we were told to pay a sum of between RM10,000 to RM20,000 to the new developer as fees for infrastructure works, which was the cause for the project being abandoned. The said amount is over and above the balance 20 per cent of the purchase price owing to the former developer.

We are given three months to make good these payments – the 20 percent end-financing and money for infrastructure works. How am I to pay? I am a pensioner with no access to extra funding other than my meagre pension. Since the project was abandoned, I had to buy another property nearby to live. So now I am being burdened with two housing loans – one for the abandoned house and the other for the house I am now living.

Isn’t Jabatan Perumahan Negara formed to protect house buyers like me? It looks like our woes are not about to end. The only recourse left is to seek justice from the housing tribunal. But that will take time as the tribunal has too many cases to arbitrate. Where else shall I turn to?


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  1. I heard that the project already resume back. Its 2 1/2 storey terrace house if I’m not wrong. May I know how much the house there worth for the corner lot?

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