Food Festival at OLOL


Food, music and games – this is a combination which simply cannot go wrong when a fair or festival is called for. This is certainly what Ipoh’s Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic church had in abundance during their Food Festival recently.

Meanwhile, the highlight of that lovely Sunday morning was the cooking competition called “So You Think You Can Cook”. This competition saw adults and children alike whipping out pots and pans and secret recipes to whip up dishes designed to win the hearts of the judges.

The adults served main dishes while the children tried their hand at creating delicious sweets and painstakingly decorated desserts.

There were a total of 17 entries in the adult category which saw pasta, steak and curries while the kids undoubtedly had fun creating the cakes and cookies which certainly drew the admiring glances – and taste buds – of many.

Great prizes were awarded to the winners, sponsored by generous corporate bodies such as Datuk John Coyle of Giant and Peter Voght of Nestle, as well as numerous private individuals.

The cooking competition was organised by Protokol Amen Sdn Bhd, an entity of one of the parishioners.

Elaine Jeyakumar