Spunk’s Legacy


Pet NGO spokesman Anthony Thanasayan (in wheel chair) handing a memo to MBI Secretary Dato Abdul Rahim

The death of Spunk, the senior therapy dog and companion to an elderly woman which was shot by MBI enforcement officers early this month despite having a license will not be in vain.

Because of him all dogs will continue to live and all pet lovers can rest easy.

This is because the “Shooting of dogs in Ipoh will be banned with immediate effect”. The order to effect this was given by MBI Secretary Dato Hj Abdul Rahim bin Mohd Ariff this morning after meeting with a half dozen animal welfare and rights groups.

The shooting created an up-roar amongst pet NGOs who stated that the shooting of dogs was inhumane.

The NGOs present today were Ipoh Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ISPCA), Noah’s Ark Ipoh, The Sanctuary Ipoh, SPCA Selangor and the Malaysian Animal-Assistant Therapy for Disabled and Elderly Association (Petpositive). Also present were officers from the State Department for Veterinary Services.

MBI’s sub-committee, which was formed after the shooting of Spunk, will now work very closely with the Veterinary Services Department and NGOs on how to handle stray dogs. Some of the measures proposed were to establish a pound for animals that were caught as well as the methods to be used to capture the animals.

NGO spokesperson, Anthony S. B. Thanasayan of Petpositive based in Selangor, said that Rahim would send a team from MBI next week to visit MPPJ and DBKL to study how the councils there caught dogs in a humane manner as well as its spay/neuter campaign.

Thanasayan said that the best outcome of the meeting though was that MBI would be visiting Spunk’s owner to apologise to her.


2 thoughts on “Spunk’s Legacy

  1. I write to inform all pet lovers that thanks to Spunk that other dogs are spared of death sentence but FOR HOW LONG?

    I would like to highlight that Spunks death will be in vain if people do not stop dumping young dogs as well as adult dogs in the streets. There are so many strays now (Ipoh Garden South/East and at the Central Market) that they come out in packs of 20 or more looking for food and chasing cats and even killing them. They might even start chasing people and young children (some of them are naughty as they disturb the stray dogs) and get bitten or attacked in the process. I am afraid people have noticed and have already started to make complains to MBI and it is a matter of time they will start passing the death sentence again.

    During the night some of the residents let out their male dogs to ease themselves and if one or more stray female dogs are on heat they will be fighting and lot of noise which can also irritate the other residents.

    I plead with those who dump their dogs to at least spay the female dogs before doing so because I have seen with my own eyes with pity near the Central Market in Ipoh town one night. So many males were after one female and they were taking turns to (molest) disturb her that it could hardly walk, almost dragging itself in pain and with the other males still pursuing her. There was nothing I could do as they were so many of them. I hope the local animal rights group do something about this matter before it gets out of hand otherwise Spunk’s Legacy will be in vain.

  2. I am a Malaysian abroad but I still keep in touch with news about this country, particularly about animal wellbeing. I was extremely horrified when I read the news about Spunk. I’m sure it wasn’t done out of irresponsibility but out of pure cruelty and hatred. As someone born and bred in Ipoh, not only did I grow up seeing a lot of stray dogs lurking around the city starving or being kicked/hit/shot at by humans, but I’ve also seen dogs who seemingly have owners being neglected in their own compounds. It is beyond me how anyone in this world can be so cruel towards animals, and unfortunately there are more who don’t care than those who do.

    Having said that, I read this news with delight. I am proud of the MBI for finally putting the order to ban shooting of strays into effect, but I cannot be more proud of those who never gave up fighting for this. Thanks for being the voice of our furry friends who have no voice of their own. I sincerely hope this ban will stay this way (and not all talk no action); but more importantly I hope that people will learn to treat dogs humanely.

    It is sad that this decision was made after Spunk’s death but at least he did not die in vain – through him other dogs can be spared of a death sentence they don’t deserve.

    Once again I commend all the local animal rights groups for the good job you have been doing and I hope you continue to carry on your noble work. Let’s strive to make Ipoh an animal-friendly city.

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