SMC Honours Top Students in UPSR Exam


Sri Murugan Centre (SMC) awarded trophies to students who had done well in the UPSR exam during a ceremony held in SMK Sungai Pari. Thaneshawaren a/l Mahadavan who excelled in academic work and participated in extracurricular activities was the recipient of Anugerah Menteri Besar award for this year.

Thaneshawaren – recipient of Anugerah Menteri Besar

K. Nachemutu, Perak Co-ordinator of SMC informed that there are about 1,500 students studying in the various SMC centres in the state. This ceremony was to give recognition to the students and parents were requested to accompany their children to show their commitment in the education of their children. He thanked the state government for allocating a piece of land behind the Subramaniyar Temple in Gunong Cheroh. A building consisting of classrooms and hostel for outstation students would be built at a cost of RM3.5M.

Dato’ S. Veerasingam, Advisor for Indian Affairs, represented the MB and congratulated SMC for the service they are providing for the Indians. He added that the state government has set up a fund to provide financial aid to poor students and requested SMC to provide particulars of such students to him. He said that parents should not watch TV while their children are studying. They have to make this sacrifice if they want their children to concentrate on their studies.

A. Jeyaraj