PSPA Singers Raise Rm7k For Orang Asli


Christmas is a time for giving and the performance by the PSPA (Perak Society for Performing Arts) Singers inspired the audience to donate a sum of RM7,000 when the hat was passed around.

The donation took place at the event entitled “Message of Love and Inspiration” a choral presentation by the PSPA Singers which was jointly organised by YMCA and St Peters Church, Ipoh. The purpose of the event was to generate funds for the Christmas events organised by the Orang Asli community.

According to Dr SK Teoh, St Peter’s Church Council Chairman, “there is a large Orang Asli community in the area around Tapah, Kampar and Gopeng who are active during Christmas. Hence any charity provided would be a benefit to their community”

The PSPA Singers under Director Chin Yoong Kim provided an inspiring performance which gradually brought on the mood of Christmas when the choir sang Christmas music and carols.

The Singers, all volunteers, had been preparing since September to perform during the Christmas season with the goal of raising funds for charity purposes. The Singers had two weeks earlier performed at the Fatimah Hospital Chapel.