Booklet on Ipoh Food


Good food is synonymous with Ipoh and this has been acknowledged by all and sundry. Realising its potential vis-a-vis the tourism industry, Tourism Malaysia Perak took the initiative to make Ipoh food one of the many “touristic products” for promotion. The Perak chapter has in fact crafted a promotional booklet entitled, “Ipoh Food Trail” for distribution to tourists – local and foreign. The 12-page booklet provides details on well-sought-after food outlets within the city limits. Some 25 premises are being illustrated for easy reference by readers.

Launching of the booklet was done at Pangkor Island Beach Resort recently in conjunction with the “Pangkor Island – The Sun, Sea and Sands Escapade”, an excursion tailor-made for media representatives and sponsored by Tourism Malaysia Perak. It was officiated by the State Information Chief, Dato’ Hamidi Abu Bakar. In attendance were Nor Hasni Saidin, the Deputy Director of Tourism Malaysia Perak and members of the press.

“The allure of Ipoh food is not something peculiar to locals only but foreigners, as well,” said Hasni to Ipoh Echo. “Tourism Hong Kong sent its reporters recently to write on our food,” she remarked. “This goes to show that Ipoh food is a marketable product.”

The initiative by Tourism Malaysia Perak to promote food was a step in the right direction, said Dato’ Hamidi. “The availability of this booklet will help tourists, and those keen on savouring Ipoh’s culinary delights, to find their way in the city.”

“Ipoh Food Trail” is available at all Tourism Malaysia offices in the country and at Ipoh Echo. Tourism Malaysia Perak office is at: 12, Jalan Medan Istana 2, Bandar Ipoh Raya. Call 05-2559962 for enquiries.