Big Brother Watching You


“Thieves and petty criminals, beware,” said Mayor Dato’ Roshidi Hashim reminding them that their wayward ways were over. He said this to reporters during the opening of the Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) Operations Room at MBI recently. The function marked the installing of 52 cameras within MBI’s complex, which began on Wednesday, December 1. “The overall cost of RM371,450 will be borne by the council,” he said.

The aim of having the entire council complex under surveillance is to keep a watch over thieves and petty criminals whose habits are becoming a bane with those patronising the council. “Bag snatchings and break-ins are frequent. Even council staff are not spared,” said Roshidi. “Cars parked within and outside the council premises have become easy targets for these bad hats.”

The operations room is manned 24 hours a day. It is linked to the Ipoh Police Department for accessibility and quick reaction when a crime is committed.

Plans to install cameras in “hot areas” within the city are also afoot. So far 24 cameras are in place. An additional 76 cameras will be installed in stages before 2012. The scheme is provided for by the Ministry of Housing and Local Government and Ipoh City Council. “The programme is aimed at reducing street crimes in Ipoh,” said Roshidi. “It’ll also assist in countering anti-social activities such as vandalism, illegal dumping of rubbish and immoral activities


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  1. Many old cars have had their batteries stolen on the lane behind the MBI building, just outside the MBI compound. Did any of the CCTV cameras catch the thieves in action?

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