Char Kway Teow (Revisited)

The Char Kway Teow (CKT) is certainly one of Malaysia’s most popular dishes, typically fried with eggs, prawns, cockles, bean sprouts and chives, served mostly on a banana leaf. What began as a poor man’s meal of broad rice noodles fried with dark soy sauce and lard, has now evolved to a hearty staple found in any food court or coffee shop.This dish was first reviewed by the Ipoh Echo food testers about 2 years ago. In this update, we brought back CKT from 7 different stalls to test side by side. We narrowed them down to 4 and here are our recommendations:

Gerai Seng Loong
Stall No. 32, Medan Selera Stadium Perak
RM3.80 per plate. Opens 7.30-3.00 p.m.
Has a smokey, ‘charred’, flavourful taste with large size prawns and enough bean sprouts and chives to give the dish a nice, yummy crunch. Lard-free.

Restoran Jen Jen
Corner of Jalan Chew Sin Onn (behind Tow Boo Keong temple)
RM4.00 per plate, with added lup cheong. Ask for extra chu yow cha or fried lardons.
Opens daily 7.00 a.m.- 3.00 p.m. A must-eat for the lup cheong lovers out there. Generous serving size.

Nam Heong Coffee Shop
Corner Jalan Bandar Timah and Persiaran Bijeh Timah (opp Sin Yoon Loong)
RM3.80 per plate. Opens daily, 6.30 a.m.-4.00 p.m.
Tasty and fragrant, served on banana leaf. Ask for more bean sprouts as serving a little under.

Wah Nam Kopitiam
Modern, clean kopitiam at No. 15-19 Jalan Seenivasagam
RM3.80 per plate. Opens daily 7.00 a.m.-4.00 p.m.