Promoting Ipoh through Polo


Iskandar Polo Club Tournament 2011 is the second in a series of invitational tournaments organised by the club after an absence of 8 years. The event, held over three days from Feb 10 till 13, witnessed some exciting matches between nine teams from Terengganu, Federal Territory and Perak. Some 60 participants and 110 horses were involved in the sport.

“The tournament is a fine way to promote Ipoh to the sporting public, especially the polo enthusiasts,” said Dato’ Radzi Manan, the club president, to Ipoh Echo. The teams were divided into divisions based on their handicaps. And since response was encouraging, the club contemplated having the tournament on a regular basis. One eager participant was Tengku Zira Tengku Uzir, 19, from Perak. “I’ve been playing the sport for over two years. It’s a good way to keep fit and occupied especially during my free time,” she said when approached. “Hopefully, I’ll be a well-known player one day.”

T. Satrias from Terengganu Polo Club was the Division One champion. The Polo Captain Invitation Trophy was won by Kiara Polo Club of Federal Territory. Another team from the Terengganu Polo Club took the Division Three title. YTM Tengku Sri Panglima of Terengganu gave away the prizes.