The Passing of Icon Dato’ K.K. Lim


The passing away of Dato’ Lim Keng Kay (fondly known as Dato’ K.K. Lim), a renowned developer, mining engineer and a philanthropist in January is a bitter pill to swallow for us. He had been ill for quite some time but he never showed this to anyone who visited him except his family members and dear wife, Datin Stella Lau Kam Voon. I have known him for over 20 years and he was a man with an “iron fist”, however, with a heart of gold. Whenever anyone approached him for his help, he would never turn down the person. On the other hand, he had to be convinced that it was a genuine case. Similarly, he has gone the extra mile to assist other organisations, NGOs including the Y’s Men’s Club of Ipoh. We are ever grateful for his financial support for the needy and unfortunate people.

When I moved into a new house way back in 1989, he gave me a present – pewter-orchid flowers – which is hung majestically in my house to this day. My family and I treasure this gift very much because in spite of his very busy schedule, he found time to send this great gift.

When we received the news about his death, I was one of the very first persons to go to his residence to pay my last respects. When I looked at his face he appeared like having a good sleep. Datin Stella, his son Mr Lim Si Boon and other family members were seen busy making all the funeral arrangements.

Dato’ K.K. Lim was a firm believer in education and understanding of all cultures, religions and differences as vital. His dedication and sacrifices to society will be remembered by all for a long, long time. He was a man of distinction and his demise is a great loss to all of us in this country. May his soul rest in peace!

K. Letchimanan