IE’s ‘Dirt Vigilantes’ Campaign pays off


By Jerry Francis

We are thrilled with the prospect that Ipoh is moving towards restoring its image as one of the cleanest cities in the country. Mayor Datuk Roshidi Hashim’s recent declaration that the city council will intensify enforcement against litterbugs and illegal dumping of rubbish in the city has given us that hope.

It also indicates that the Ipoh Echo’s on-going “dirt vigilantes” campaign, which was launched in December, 2009, has achieved its desired effect on the city council.

We have even advocated that those irresponsible residents who throw rubbish indiscriminately be made to pay for clearing the thousands of illegal rubbish dumps, and not from the ratepayers’ money as was the case at Rapat Setia where several thousand tonnes of rubbish from illegal dumps were removed by a contractor who was paid by the city council.

Our online poll has also received good response from the residents who suggested that plainclothes enforcement officers be stationed at strategic locations in the city to nab those who illegally dump rubbish and fine them heavily. They should be made to pay for their actions.

The time for appeals and warnings are over, as the irresponsible residents continue to ignore them despite the presence of notice-boards. Among the steps announced by the Mayor are to clean up the city and improve garbage waste management. The city council is also to go after those who pile up rubbish at non-designated areas and force them to bear the costs of cleaning up the mess and as well, be slapped with the maximum compound of RM250.

He said 14 enforcement officers have been appointed recently to regularly patrol the city’s 22 zones and take action against litterbugs and illegal dumping.

“There will be no compromise even for those who litter while walking and throw rubbish out of vehicles. I’ll suggest to the committee that the names, addresses and car registration numbers of repeat offenders be exhibited at the city council building for all to see,” he was quoted to have said.

Meanwhile, various locations of illegal rubbish dumps in the city, including Taman Medan Ipoh in Ipoh Garden East, are being cleared.

Syabas! Datuk Roshidi. This is what we have been waiting to hear for a long time. This announcement must have been accelerated by the concern shown by the Raja Muda Raja Dr. Nazrin Shah who insisted on inspecting the site of the location of illegal rubbish dumps in Taman Rapat Koperasi at Rapat Setia last September.

I hope Raja Nazrin Shah will keep up with his concern on the cleaning up of the city to put the city council on its toes all the time, as all our past efforts had failed to get its attention.

It is now up to the Mayor to “walk the talk” and seriously make a sustainable move to achieve his mission to clean up the city and improve garbage waste management by next year.

The city council must set an example by regularly collecting all domestic wastes and as well as clear clogged drains.  And, the residents need to co-operate by restraining from throwing rubbish indiscriminately. If they have large items, such as broken beds or old furniture, they can request the city council to help them dispose of the unwanted items.

I sincerely hope that getting the city to restore its image is not just wishful thinking, but will become a reality through the joint efforts of both the city council and residents.

2 thoughts on “IE’s ‘Dirt Vigilantes’ Campaign pays off

  1. I am a visitor to IPOH but having been here a number of times and living with friends born in IPOH, As an Engineer with considerable operational expertise in the in the Global Waste Recycling industry I read the articles posted by Jerry Francis ref your current Mayor. AS a LOST OPPORTUNITY for IPOH not only to clean its streets. But ALSO ESTABLISH a ECO-GREEN initiative to utilize on BEHALF of The IPOH COMMUNITY the value of its Considerable DISCARDED WASTE RESOURCES. If help is required by the MAYOR to create such an Initiative, as practical environmentalist i would be willing to assist.
    Philip Moore-IPOH:25/06?11

  2. just as the writer has pointed out, let it not be just wishful thinking. the mayor, councillors and employees must put extra efforts to show “kita boleh!” they must be serious about restoring the image of the city.
    set an example in the cleanliness campaign and surely the residents will follow.

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