Example of a Dedicated Councillor


On a Wednesday morning when I went to open the gate of my house I noticed that the road in front was littered with cow dung and the place stank. For the past few months I have been complaining to MBI about the stray-cow problem in my area and no action has been taken. My complaints have fallen on deaf ears. As a last straw I decided to call my councillor and at 9.00 a.m. I phoned Dato’ Daniel Tay Kwan Hui and explained my problem. He said that he would make an appointment with MBI and when would I be free. When I said I would make myself available anytime, he called back by 10.00 a.m. and told me to meet him at the MBI lobby.

When I met him, he had already phoned a number of enforcement officers. In the morning all the enforcement officers were on their rounds and no one was in the office. However, we managed to meet En Razak and Dato’ Daniel Tay requested him to solve my problem.

Many friends have told me that it is very difficult for them to contact their councillors and even if they manage to speak to them, he/she would tell them that they are too busy to attend to their problem. In the midst of such people we do have a dedicated councillor. All councillors should emulate Dato’ Daniel Tay and try to solve the problems of helpless residents.

A. Jeyaraj

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  1. It is true that Councillor, Dato Daniel Tay responds immediately if and when a persons asks for his assistance. It all boils down to responsibility and sincereness in carrying out the duties vested on him.Through his good office we the Residents of Taman Lim are able to sought the help and assistance of the MBI Staff with ease.
    Complaints, and issues taken up with MBI, are rectified or attended too,though not immediately but eventually. We understand that MBI is doing a greta job with their shortage of lorries and staff.
    Hopefully, MBI will be provided with a bigger fund to manage their office.
    Secretary,Lim Garden Residents Committee.

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