Restocking Sg Galah


If efforts at restocking Sungai Galah, a tributary of Sungai Kinta, bears fruit, inshore fishermen in and around Kampung Gajah will reap the harvest. On Friday, April 15 officials from the Department of Fisheries Malaysia led by the Head of Marine Resource Management Division Haji Ahmad Saktian Langgang and the Director of Perak Fisheries Office Haji Sani Mohd Isa released a total of 103,000 Lampam Jawa (a species of carp) and 10,000 Temoleh (a native species) fry into Sungai Galah. The ceremony was attended by members of Persatuan Nelayan Ikan Air Tawar Kg Makmur Sungai Galah, a local inshore fishermen’s association. The fish fry were sourced from the department’s hatcheries in Enggor, Tapah and Perlok. “Barring any eventualities, the fish will be ready for harvesting in two years’ time,” said Ahmad Saktian to Ipoh Echo.