Alfred’s Wesak Day


On Wesak day, while Buddhist devotees throng temples at dawn to meditate and provide offerings of charity to the needy and celebrate the birth , enlightenment and achievement of Nirvana by Lord Buddha, Alfred Perera and his band of volunteers are preparing lunch to feed over a thousand mouths as his way of “giving something back to the community”

Alfred is a Buddhist devotee who operates the Singhalese Bar at Old Town and this year is his 27th year providing free Wesak Day vegetarian lunch to all, irrespective of race or religion.

Lunch, consisting of rice and vegetables with thairu, payasam and a cup of ice cream, is regularly served at 1.00 p.m. after Alfred has said his prayers.

For Alfred, feeding a community is more “meaningful on a holy day” such as this.


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  1. What a marvellous way to give back. Keep it up, Alfred. You can rely on me to donate to your efforts.

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