The Fireflies of Kg Dew


Thank you for a very good article and publicity about the Kg Dew firefly watching site.

Just a few facts that need to be clarified for the benefit of the readers:

“Tropical fireflies routinely synchronise…”
Well, the congregating fireflies in this region either synchronise their flashing or not depending on the species.

“The cause of this behaviour is linked to diet, social interaction and altitude…”
The congregation of this particular species of firefly, i.e., the Pteroptyx tener in this case (similar to the Sg Selangor firefly) is the mating behaviour of the male adult fireflies gathering together and synchronising their flashing to call for the adult female fireflies. It has nothing to do with their diet or altitude. Social interaction…mating that’s all.

“…some enterprising individuals in the village formed the Kelab Chaya Alam Perak…”
Kelip-Kelip Cahaya Alam Perak or KECAP was formed in February 2011 with the guidance of the Malaysian Nature Society (MNS) in a firefly ‘ecotourism-involving-local-community-project’.

“Its objective is to promote the Kg Dew fireflies…”
Not only that… KECAP also promotes the conservation and awareness of the fireflies and its mangrove habitat.

Sonny Wong
Project Coordinator
Malaysian Nature Society