Low Cost Flats Get Cleaned Up


In conjunction with World Environment Day, Sathya Sai Baba Centre of Perak organised a community cleaning programme at First Garden’s low-cost flats. M. Thiru from the centre said that the flats were selected for the gotong royong because he had received complaints about the garbage problem.

The flats are poorly maintained and the residents do not clean the common area. Leong, a resident of the flat who took part in the cleanup said that the place was cleaned a few years ago under a gotong royong project.

He added that garbage would start piling up until the next gotong royong exercise. The poor attitude of the residents towards hygiene is the cause of garbage piling up.

Dr. Elangovan, a member of the centre, called on the residents to pay more attention to the importance of cleanliness of the environment and to lead a healthy life.

Meanwhile, another resident, Adward Soosay, wrote in to Ipoh Echo complaining about the drains at Taman Pertama (Hala Bekor 13) being really dirty and clogged, and hopes the authorities will do something.

A. Jeyaraj