Nobody Wants To Live With A Pain In The Neck


Neck pain is one of the most common clinical problems that will affect 2 out of 3 of us at least once in our lives; but why suffer? There are many causes for this discomfort, but most are treatable.

Causes of neck pain include poor posture, whiplash, degeneration and bulging discs together with, pinched nerves, to name but a few. The most common cause or aggravation of neck pain is poor posture.

How does poor posture result in neck pain? By having poor head posture, your neck muscles become tired, weak and “hard” resulting in the all too common “knots” in the back of the neck. These may also result in headaches. Posture and ergonomics are vital to maintaining a healthy neck. Although sitting is not bad for you, sitting with poor posture for hours can be very painful.

What do we mean by good ergonomics? Good ergonomics includes a suitable workstation and correct desk and chair height. This applies to work, but at home, posture is also important. One should not “slouch” on the sofa or read a book at an awkward angle. Even the position you relax in is essential to good health. Breastfeeding or carrying baby also takes its toll if not done in the correct position.

Sleeping posture is also important. Most of us sleep with a normal “fluffy” pillow, but for most of us this does not provide the support we need. Sleeping on an orthopaedic pillow will give the proper support for a neck that has lost it’s curve, and maintain a healthy neck posture.

Trauma also plays a major role. Whiplash is one of the most common causes of neck trauma. It does not even have to be severe to result in significant damage, and the effects of whiplash can often only show up many years later.These wear and tear changes include arthritis of the neck as well as the all too familiar “bulging disc” or “pinched nerve”. Arthritis or bone changes are not the only changes that occur in the neck – the discs also wear out. Discs are the shock absorbing “cushions” between each bone. When these discs degenerate, they lose their shape and they bulge – this puts pressure on the nerves sitting next to them, causing a large amount of pain.

That was the bad news; the good news is to follow. Most neck conditions are manageable if not completely “fixable”. The first thing we do is obtain the correct diagnosis. After this one can determine the prognosis and expected outcomes of treatment.

Treating pain and degenerative changes is done using:

Chiropractic, Traction Therapy, Soft tissue massage, postural supports, postural correction and physical rehabilitation to strengthen and maintain improved posture, all planned individually according to the specific needs of each patient.

Most of us ignore pain as we are too busy not to, but remember that pain means there is underlying damage occurring.

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