Rahim Visits Kg Tawas


Kampung Tawas, long regarded as Ipoh’s backwater with its own characteristics and peculiarities, is now on city council’s radar screen, thanks in part to Mayor Roshidi Hashim’s ongoing ground visit (turun padang) programme. The mayor’s periodic visits to various zones of the city enabled the council’s top brass to engage residents at ground zero.

On Wednesday, June 15, Council Secretary, Dato’ Abdul Rahim Md Ariff, standing-in for the mayor, visited Kg. Tawas with his entourage consisting of councillor of Zone 3, Dato’ Francis Lee, senior officials from the council and representatives from the Police, Public Works Department, Tenaga Nasional Bhd and the Perak Water Board.

Kg. Tawas residents took the opportunity to voice their grievances. Some of the more pressing problems they face on a daily basis are mosquitoes and feral dogs. Another lingering problem, which is confined to the marketplace, is illegal traders. Their presence affects the livelihood of the genuine traders.

The proximity of the wet market to a pig farm raises the issue of hygiene. Effluents from the farm have contaminated the water system, complained the traders. This fear is real and requires immediate action from the council. Rahim promised to resolve the problems and find an effective solution to placate the long-suffering residents and traders.