Update On Bus Services For Perak

On the Ipoh City Tour

Zambry tries the bus
Zambry tries the bus

Perak Menteri Besar Dato’ Seri DiRaja Zambry Abdul Kadir gave an update on the progress of bus services in the state during the launch of  “Ipoh City Tour”, a new bus route to be introduced by bus service provider group Combined Bus Services Sdn. Bhd. (CBS).

The new route would ferry visitors and tourists to and from their hotels to popular places of interest, food courts and restaurants. The implementation of this new route will be operational once approval from SPAD (the Land Public Transport Authority) is received.

The CBS launch also took Zambry and its guests for a tour starting from Dataran MBI to Medan Kidd bus station and then to the Meru Raya Integrated bus terminal using its new blue Perak Transit buses.

Accompanying Zamby on the tour was the Managing Director of Perak Transit Bhd. Cheong Kong Fitt, State Exco for Transport Dato’ Dr. Mah Hang Soon, Ipoh City Council Secretary Dato’ Abdul Rahim Ariff, State Economic Planning Unit Director Dato’ Abu Bakar and JKR State Director Dato’ Ir Safry Kamal and Ipoh City Councillors.

At Medan Kidd Bus Station, Zambry did a site walk-about to view the operations while at Ipoh Integrated Bus Terminal and Complex in Bandar Meru Raya he was given a progress update of ongoing works.

Later at a press conference Zambry replied to media on other bus related issues such as:

Medan Kidd/Ipoh Sentral

The development of Ipoh Sentral is a priority for the state government. According to Zambry although Ipoh is not in focus by SPAD for a public transport upgrade but the state has held two discussions with the Federal government to develop Ipoh Sentral and had requested an allocation of RM70 million for the project.

The vision for Ipoh Sentral involves linking the current Medan Kidd main bus station to Ipoh Railway Station approximately 300 metres away. The rationale for Ipoh Sentral is for it to be an integrated terminal to enable visitors arriving at Ipoh by train to access their final destination by using the bus.

The individual owners of Medan Kidd are agreeable to allow the state government to upgrade the terminal.

Zambry stated that Ipoh Sentral/Medan Kidd was an Intra-State bus terminal while Meru Raya would be an Inter-State bus terminal catering to the express buses. The two terminals would be linked by feeder and/or shuttle buses.

Regarding Meru Raya Terminal, Zambry said he was ‘satisfied’ with the progress of work at the site. The three-storey integrated complex is currently 38% completed and is on schedule for completion by June 2012.

Medan Gopeng

With regards to the Medan Gopeng bus station which is currently being used by the express bus operators, Zambry stated that negotiations are currently ongoing between the bus operators and the State Economic Development Corporation to relocate their services and hoped “an amicable solution would be forthcoming.”

Clean Entry Points/Medan Gopeng

Zambry stated that all entry points into Perak “must be clean whether the entry point is at Lumut, Jelapang or Simpang Pulai. I will not condone any breach such as littering”. Zambry also added a “tidy Medan Gopeng” was part of the discussion between PKNP and the bus operators in preparation for Visit Perak Year 2012 next year.

Resumption of Bus Services

On the bus route between Tanjung Rambutan onwards to Chemor which has been stopped for over 2 years Zambry announced that service would restart in another 3 months time when the mini buses for the route are delivered.

The lack of service had been highlighted by the state assemblyman for Hulu Kinta Dato’ Rusnah Kassim and local councillor Shahul Hamid.

Later that evening State Exco for Transport Dato’ Dr. Mah Hang Soon announced that another bus route to be revived, this time at Manjung, would be operational once it receives approval from the relevant authority SPAD. To be operated by Bas Rakyat Sdn. Bhd. it will have a fleet of 18 buses to service the district. The service will be subsidised by the state for a period of five years at a cost of RM4.3 million.


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  1. saya menetap di taman meru jelapang.saya sebahagian daripada pengguna pengangkutan awam. saya mengguna pengangkutan awam dari umur 13 hingga sekarang 27. banyak perubahan dari segi perkhidmatan bas di taman meru. yang paling saya tidak boleh terima adalah taman meru raya bakal menjadi kawasan yang maju dlm 1-2 tahun akan datang tapi perkhidmatan bas masih tidak memuaskan malahan merosot sejak 5 tahun kebelakangan ini. keadaan sekarang tidak seperti dulu. Antara masalah yang kami alami:

    1. waktu perjalanan tidak tetap dari 1 bas ke bas yang seterusnya. kadang-kadang beza hingga 1 jam.
    2. keadaan bas yang uzur dan sering rosak semasa membawa penumpang. menyebabkan kami yang menggunakan pengangkutan awam sebagai pengangkutan untuk bekerja mengalami kelewatan.
    3. sesuatu yang sering membinggungkan kami adalah pemandu sering menunggu di satu-satu tempat dalam tempoh 15-30 minit kadang-kadang hingga lebih dari itu. kadang-kadang dalam satu perjalanan 2-3 tempat mereka akan menunggu.

    saya berharap syarikat seperti rapik kl dan rapid penang akan sampai di taman meru sebagai alternatif yang menyelesaikan masalah kami.
    sekian terima kasih

  2. Perak bus service a secret service? I am a recent migrant to Ipoh and find great difficulty in using public transport.There is absolutely no information on bus routes and schedule in Ipoh.I saw new transit perak buses but unable to find the network,not even on the internet.I have travelled to many developed countries and have no problem accessing public transport.If Perak wants to be a fully developed state by 2020,something about this must be done quickly.Perhaps those concerned should go to some developed cities to update their knowledge about delivering a good and efficient service.By the way, can someone tell me how to get to the Ipoh Railway station from Bercham?

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